Grocery Haul for Two

Good morning! :)

This weeks haul was a easy one. I only went to one store and that was Winco..

 There was the typical fruits and veggies. I needed to restock most of my common salad veggies this week. 

I picked up 6#'s of hamburger which I divided and put in the freezer, a couple of small packages of brown & serve sausage links for breakfast meals. We haven't tried these before and wanted to see what we thought. And a little container of sushi.

I also picked up cereal, salad dressing, half & half and orange juice. I like to keep a can on hand.  We don't drink juice often, but when I do want one I like to have it. I used the only can we had recently so was replacing it. I also picked up a pizza dough.

Winco makes their own pizzas which aren't bad, but they also sell their pizza dough. For $1.48 it's a nice option to making it myself. Especially considering we were having pizza that evening and I really didn't want to go home and make dough. 

We were heading out of town and wanted to pick up a couple things for the trip. Some we used (like the Bugles and the cupcakes - we were doing a mini birthday celebration for my FIL) and some we brought home so I'm including it all in my groceries.  

Total for Winco and total for this weeks groceries:




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