Grocery Haul for Two

Good morning! 

This week's haul was an easy one. My freezer and pantry are well stocked so all I really needed was fresh fruits and veggies to get us through the week. 

The only stop was Winco...

I picked up fresh veggies for salads..

Red & green cabbage, lettuce mix, roma and cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, kale and a cucumber.

I still had a few oranges left from last week and a couple apples. I picked up a few more and some bananas. 

In the bulk section I got both white and brown Jasmine rice.  

Half & half was still on sale so I picked up 2 more of them. The nacho Bugles were on sale this week for .98 cents a bag (only the regular ones were on sale last week), so hubby grabbed 2 of them to add to his stash! :D  I picked up some chocolate syrup for ice cream and a small bag of hard candy from the bulk section for my candy jar. 

That was it! It was a quick in and out at the grocery store for this week. 

 Total for Winco and total for this week's groceries: 



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