Menu Monday!

Good Morning! I spent a little time over the weekend getting my menu lined up. I have my grocery list in hand and today is grocery shopping day.

This evening's dinner is pretty simple, leftovers. I made the pork roast and mac & cheese that was on last weeks menu, yesterday. I still have enough left for our dinner tonight. Plus I was able to get some put in the freezer for future dinners for hubby to take to work.

The rest of the weeks is looking like this:

Chicken Sandwiches & Tomato Soup
I'm going to use boneless, skinless chicken for the sandwiches. I'll flatten them to make them thin, season them and quickly fry them. I'll serve them in english muffins. I could use hamburger buns but I bought a large pack of english muffins last week from Costco and figured this would be a good way to use them. I'll serve tomato soup and a salad on the side.

Pizza Beans
Years ago I use to make pinto beans and season them with Italian seasonings. I would add pepperoni and cooked sausage to the beans as well as onions and peppers and some diced tomatoes. When I serve them I top them with mozzarella cheese. My family always loved this meal and it's a nice change up from chili. I'll serve french bread and salad with this meal.

Grilled Salmon
I have some wild caught Alaskan salmon in my freezer to use. This week is promising some beautiful warm days and I figured it was time to light the BBQ and grill up the salmon. I'll serve rice pilaf and a veggie of some sort (I'll see what's on sale today).

That should do it for this week!


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