Grocery Haul for Two and Beef Gyros

This week we shopped at both Winco and Costco. The Costco haul was pretty small and we even debated if she should go. However we were there for gas and decided to go anyway.

The Winco haul was a bit bigger then typical. I had a hard time getting it all in one picture so I took 2 pics.. 


We picked up the typical milk and half n half. I also was almost out of sugar and that should last us for a while. I don't do a lot of baking any more and typically only use it to make my hubby's lemonade.

The potato rounds are Winco's version of tater tots, only much less expensive.

I have vowed not to peruse the meat until I use up more of what I have stored in the freezer. But... my hubby apparently has his own thoughts.. ha, ha.. he spotted hamburger on sale and picked up about 8#'s (I show at the bottom of this post what I did with it).

I got another box of almond/coconut milk, a small container of coleslaw from the deli and we picked up some chips and dip. 

We were planning on going to see my in laws the next day and wanted to take the chips and dip up with us..

The rest of the Winco haul was the regular weekly supply of our fruits and veggies: 

Our total for our Winco trip was: $68

Our small haul from Costco:

Napkins: I like to have them on hand but if you've followed my blog for a while now you know that I make my own cloth napkins for our daily use. The last time I bought a jumbo pack of napkins from Costco was over 3 years ago. So I know this package of 1040 napkins will last us!

The rest was bread products: english muffins, tortillas and pita bread.

I also purchased my contact lens supplies and some eye drops. I don't count these items in my food budget. Our FSA from hubby's work reimburses for the cost of things like this. 


The total for Costco (minus the contact lens supplies) was: $21

Grand total for this week: $89


Instant Pot Beef Gyros Sandwiches

Oh my gosh these were amazing! And if you wonder why you did not see this on my weekly menu it's because I made a last minute change after I had published the menu.. and after I had been on Pinterest! Ha, ha!!

I was going to make beef & broccoli as I posted but then found an easy looking recipe for these Gyros. The recipe even includes a super simple Tzatziki sauce to make with it. I picked up the needed items for this recipe when I did my shopping (such as the pita bread)

Don't they look yummy? :) They were delicious and super easy to make.

You can find the recipe I used HERE.


Hamburger Haul

In reality 8 pounds of hamburger is not that much. I've dealt with MANY more pounds at one time than that.. but.. we're no longer an extra large family :) .. so 8lbs is something to deal with. I don't want to just freeze it in the 4lb packages it came in, so here is what I did with it..

I started by weighing out 3lbs and making meatloaves with it, and putting them in the freezer. I love having them ready to go for a quick nights meal. It does take about an hour or a little more to cook them from frozen..

The rest of the hamburger I weighed out in 1lb amounts and wrapped them up in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer.

That's all for this week's Friday in the Kitchen!


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