Menu Monday!

Good morning! We've had a busy weekend around here. But a lot of fun. I changed my menu plan a lot due to company. But some things I kept the same. 

On Tuesday I did make my pizza dinner and it was delish..


On Wednesday I had a BBQ planned but hubby ended up not being up to it. He had a long day and wanted something simple.  So my plan B was, hot dogs. 

On Thursday I was planning to have a couple of my freezer meals. I woke up to a cold day and more snow and a pot of chili sounded so much better..

Friday we had the leftovers and on Saturday our company arrived. 

I had a Costco lasagna that I made along with french bread and a salad. Since I was having a few people over (mostly family), I decided to go ahead make a crockpot full of teriyaki meatballs.  I had purchased the frozen meatballs from Costco and put 3lbs in the crockpot and made a double batch of THIS teriyaki sauce, poured it over and let them cook on high for about 3 or 4 hours.  I also made rice in my Instant Pot to go along with this. 

This all turned out really good.  I was so occupied with company that I didn't get a picture.  The next day I took a pic of some of the leftovers..


We had a lovely visit and I was so happy to have chosen Costco lasagna and the frozen meatballs for easy meal prep. 

Sunday's meal was also a change up.  Our guests had been in Seattle at Pikes Place Market and purchased a fresh salmon and brought it with them.  We had more people join us and bbq'd the salmon. It was amazing!  I served roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus, and french bread with it.  Once again my houseful of people was where my attention was focused. My husband bbq/smoked it for about 2 hours on a really low heat. He had a little charcoal in the grill along with some alder wood.  I've never had salmon done like that before and I have to say it was the best tasking salmon I've ever had.  I did snap this pic of half of the salmon..


Now onto this weeks plan..

Monday: Leftovers! I seriously have enough leftovers to last us for the next two nights. So other then making a salad to go along with it all, that is the plan. 

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Asian Chicken Potsticker Soup.  I have the chicken broth and chicken in the freezer ready for this. I'll serve crackers and salad on the side.

Thursday:  Leftovers

Friday:  Fried sausages, cabbage & egg noodles.  I have one package of Aidell's Sausage in the fridge to use for this. I'll add a side salad to round out the meal.

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday:  Split pea soup. I had this on my menu last week, and I'll try and get made again this week. 

That should do it for us. Hope you have a great week!



  1. Really enjoyed the food photos, it all looks so delicious. I switched from Oscar Mayer naturals turkey lunch meat to Hillshire Farms after seeing it on your haul, has less salt and tastes better, plus the container is useful and can be used later for storage. Thanks -

    1. So glad you liked the lunch meat! I think it tastes better as well. And I agree on the containers. I'm always looking for useful containers to re-purpose.
      Crystal :)


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