Wednesday on the Homestead

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Good morning! I hope you are having a great week so far.

We had a busy week continuing to battle more snow storms. I think things are settling down now. My hubby slid his car into a ditch right before getting to our house. He was not hurt and the car was not damaged. He walked up to the house and got the tractor and went back down and pulled the car out and drove it to the house. There have been so many accidents caused by these winter storms that I'm grateful this was nothing major.

I was wondering if the snow was going to affect our company's ability to get here. Their flight landed without problems in Seattle and the next day took the train down to see us.

We had a great visit over the weekend. We had other family and friends join us but I didn't get a lot of pictures from it all. I did get this one shot..

As I said, it was a busy but very enjoyable weekend around here.

Yesterday was home clean up and washing guest room sheets and redoing the rooms.

I have a few household things to do today and a trip into town. There had been snow in the forecast so I was quite happy to see it never happened and we can get into town.  Hubby has a few things he needs to do in town so we'll be going together. 

After getting home I'll be focusing on laundry, mopping my kitchen floor, and cooking some dinner. My plan is to make some chicken soup tonight.

For the Love of Books!
I really haven't had time to do a lot of reading so this is the 2nd week that I've not made any progress in Swiss Family Robinson. That is changing as I get back to my regular routines.

I cleared the clutter off of the table in my sun room that I use for sewing. I still have scrap fabrics that I'd like to put to use in making a few things. So I'm hoping in the next day or two to pull out the sewing machine and start working on a few things.

Frugal Living Practices
I have low blood pressure and sometimes it causes a few issues. My doctor recommended drinking sports drinks to ensure I get enough electrolytes. I don't mind a Gatorade or Powerade on occasion but overall they are too sweet for me. And the cost of them can really add up as he wanted me drinking at least one a day at a cost (for a 32oz bottle) of at least $1.00 a bottle, but can be as much as $2.00 depending on where I purchase them.

Not only do I pay for the drink but pay tax on it as well. And I end up with a lot of plastic bottles that need to be taken to the recycling center.

So I came up with a different plan that is working! It's less sweet and lower cost.

I buy Emergen-C ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets) (affiliate link) from Amazon. Each packet is enough for a 32oz bottle of water. They have no added sugar and a little lemon/lime flavor. 


I do like a little sweet to offset that electrolyte taste. So I have a big canister of lemonade powdered mix. I add 1 tablespoon to the bottle along with the packet of electrolytes. Add water, shake it up and I'm ready to go! 

The last time I bought it, I paid $8.42 for the box (the price seems to go up and down, but never by much), making it just under .28 cents a packet.

I paid $5.99 for the canister of lemonade. The weight of the canister is 82.5 oz. I weighed 1 tablespoon of the powdered mix and it was .5 oz. This works out to be .07 cents a ounce or .035 cents a tablespoon.

5.99/82.5 = .072 (the cost of the lemonade divided by the number of ounces which equal the cost per ounce)

.072/2 (the cost per ounce divided by 2 for the half ounce I use)= .036

.036 +.28 (cost of lemonade and electrolyte packet) = .316

This makes the cost of each 32oz bottle, .316 or about 31 ½ cents.

Not only does it save me money and time spent recycling, but it's much more convenient as well.

Fitness and Health
The snow, ice and difficult weather kind of put a stall in my walking. As things are now melting it's my goal to get back out there and keep on walking! 

View from my Deck
I was quite happy to wake up and only see rain falling! :) Hopefully we can start moving towards spring now. 

I was equally happy to see that little spot of blue sky in the top right of the picture. Ha, ha! :)

Today's weather: High: 45 Low: 28

I will be surprised it if gets to 45 today. We've yet to go above 39 in the last few weeks.

That's all for this week my friends,


  1. I have not tried this Gatorade recipe, but it has no artificial ingredients and this lady usually has great recipes.

    1. Thank you for sharing the link! Yes, I have seen that one and a few others similar to it.

      My main goal in making mine was to be as frugal as I could and still get what I needed. I don't drink much juice so I feel this would be to sweet for me and an added cost. And I wanted more then salt in my mix. In fact the mix I shared above has no sodium in it. I figured I could easily get enough salt by salting my food.
      Crystal :)


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