Wednesday Snap Shot

Good morning and happy first WSS of February! I hope you all are having a good week and staying warm.

It finally happened, winter made its first real visit, and we got a beautiful covering of snow and cold temps. Not Mid West cold temps but cold enough for us :).

We woke up to the snow covered land yesterday morning. Hubby and I were planning a trip to town but wondered if we were going to be able to go. But the roads below our house and the highway had been plowed and our driveway was only lightly covered so we were good to go. He needed to go to Home Depot for supplies for his project and we figured we'd also do the grocery shopping while we were out.

It ended up being a beautiful ride into town. I took a little video of the drive because it was enchanting to see all the white around us. This is a small part of the drive we take when we need to head into the city. I sped it up a bit, it's a bit bouncy,and there's a crack in the windshield of van, so excuse all that - I need to work on my video skills! ha, ha! :D, but I hope you enjoy the view too...

Over the weekend my middle son came here to spend the night. He was heading to Ohio for 6 months with his company. He brought his car so we could store it for him and take him to the airport for his flight the next morning. He's looking forward to the opportunity this is giving him as far as his work is concerned and for a little adventure this year.

Today I'll be at home all day. I need to do a few household chores.

~Vacuum, sweep, mop – all my floors need attention
~Remake guest room bed
~Take care of my animals and see how they are surviving the cold
~Deal with clutter piles
~Get out in the brisk air and walk 
~Make dinner

For the Love of Books!
Still making my way through Swiss Family Robinson and still loving it!

I have a few sewing projects I'd like to start working on. I'm waiting for the right timing. Lately it seems I'm busy all the time and not ready to start anything new. 

Frugal Living Practices
I'm sharing more on my goal to prevent food waste.  I cooked a 3# pork roast last week and we had pulled pork sandwiches from it for a couple nights.  Then I made enchiladas from the meat I still had. I know, bbq pork and Mexican does not sound like a good combo.  But you know it turned out just fine. 

Was it authentic? No.  Was it frugal and something different than bbq sandwiches? Yes! :) And we had that for 2 nights as well! 

These were easy to make.  I used flour tortillas because I had them on hand. I would have preferred corn, but did not want to buy them when I had the flour ones already in my fridge.  Besides that I used some cheese, salsa and a can of enchilada sauce. 

I put a scoop of the meat on each tortilla. Added a tablespoon or so of salsa and a little cheese. Rolled them up, laid them in a 9x13 baking dish, poured the sauce over, sprinkled with more cheese and baked them until everything was hot and bubbly and melted...

I served them with a little scoop of sour cream and a salsa.  They were delicious! 

However this did through off my menu for the week! But I'm ok with that because it saved money and I had no food waste for the week.

Fitness and Health
My goals are being met and I'm feeling great! In the last 7 days I got 10,000 steps in (or more) 5 days.  That is my goal for now.  

I have to share a story with you.  On Monday night I told my husband I was 2000 steps away from hitting my 10,000 steps for the day.  I told him this at 8:00pm and it was snowing outside and dark.  My sweet hubby said to me, "Well, lets go!" :) We bundled up, grabbed flashlights and headed outside to walk in the falling snow.  It was so much fun and by the time we got back I had gained an extra 3000 steps!  Goal met, and beyond.  I feel incredibly blessed to have such a supportive husband.

View from my Deck
Now for the snowy view! It's not really a lot of snow I realize, but the most we've gotten all winter. I had thought winter had forgotten our little corner of the world, but I guess not.  Even though I would have been fine with skipping winter this year, I'll enjoy the blessings of each season as they come. 

I'll share a couple pictures with you today..

Today's weather: High: 40   Low: 23

That's all for this week my friends,


  1. Oh, how i miss living up the Gorge. In the video, you drove right past where I used to live. I lived in the groundskeeper's house for someone who had a house overlooking Cape Horn. The house has since been demolished and the property is a walking trail now I'm told.

    1. Oh my! I now remember you telling me this awhile back. That is so cool. And, yes there is a 7 mile trail now that has some amazing views!

  2. Beautiful pictures and video. Thanks for sharing. I love that you are creative with leftovers. I try to do that as well.

    1. Thank you, the snow sure makes things look so pretty. Leftovers can be so challenging. I'm glad my sharing of this has inspired you. :)
      Crystal :)


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