Wednesday on the Homestead

Good Morning Friends!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are having a great week. 

My week was busy all the time for me. Nothing big going on, simply my daily life kept me moving. 

The weather has been beautiful here. Sun shining and warmer days. It's made getting out and walking and enjoying our pond so nice. 

The most fun we have at our pond is our duck Ping.  This will be his 3rd summer with us and he seems to get excited to have us at the pond in his territory. :)

I've taken a few quick videos of him and compiled them together for you to see. I no longer have "serious" farm animals and I like that. But I do have my little pets and Ping is one of them. Hope you enjoy Ping! :)


Today my housework list is short and my goals are to get out and walk and get some exercise and sew. 

My housework list:
~tidy up the kitchen
~sweep & mop my dining room floor
~finish getting my box of donation items ready for my next trip to town
~clean up my cat area in the laundry room (her food and cat box area). She can make a lot of mess scratching around in her box and it needs to be swept and mopped

I may or may not cook tonight. I'll see how my day goes. If I don't, I'll send a freezer meal to work with hubby and I'll make myself a big salad for dinner. If I do cook I plan to fry up a pound of Jimmy Dean sausage and use it to make some pasta alfredo. 

For the Love of Books!
I'm making slow and steady progress through David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. I'm enjoying the book so much. I think I'm about 1/3 through it now. It's a great read and I'm happy I chose this book.

One of the things I did this last week was spend a little time on my quilt. I finished all the blocks and figured out the order I wanted them to go in. Not sure what size it is but it did lay on top of my king size bed, but not hanging over. 

Then I started putting the blocks together with some sashing. So far I have it done for the rows vertically and now I'm going to add the long row of sashing between each row of blocks.  Here is where I'm at so far..


And of course my cat has to get in the action too :D ....

After they are sewn together then I'll put the boarder on and the top will be done. 

At that point it will be batting and backing. My intention is to buy either a queen or king size (whichever size will work) cotton navy blue sheet for the backing.

Fitness and Health
My fitness goals this week have been to walk and walk, as usual! :). I had a couple days that I didn't get out, which is ok. I always remember that when you want to make changes in your life, it's all about making habits and looking at the big picture. 

That's why I don't "diet", I look at the big picture to eat healthy over a lifetime. That's why I don't stress or feel like giving up when I don't get out and walk for a day or two or even a week. I look at the big picture of being fit over my lifetime. My goal is to be the healthiest person I can be and work on healthy habits for my life. 


View from my Deck
This morning is a bit overcast but feels warm out. The weather report says there might be a little rain and/or drizzle. I don't plan to let a little drizzle stop me from getting out and walking today. :)


Today's weather: High: 63  Low: 49

That's all for this week my friends,


  1. Thanks for the videos of Ping. He looks like he has a great personality.

    1. He really does 😊 l never knew a duck could be so much fun to have around.
      Crystal 😊

  2. I always look for Ping in your pictures! :-)

    1. Ha, ha 😃 That's cute... the little white speck in the pond.
      Crystal 😊

  3. Ping is adorable! We have a bunch of ducks on our homestead and I love their little personalities. :-) Your quilt looks beautiful and cozy- can't wait to see it finished! My girls and I are hoping to make our first quilts this year.
    Blessings, Jamie

    1. Hi Jamie 😊 he definitely has lots of personality! Thank you on the quilt, it's been a lot of fun to make. I've enjoyed figuring out different ways to use my scrap fabric. I hope you and your girls have fun with your quilt making.
      Crystal 😊


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