Grocery Haul for Two

Good Morning!!

This week was a Winco and Costco week. My first stop was Winco..

Fruits and veggies were the first thing I picked up. I didn't need a whole lot of veggies so ended up with spinach, mini peppers, grape tomatoes, roma tomatoes and some beets. 

I seemed to basically pick up pantry stocking items (Ramen noodles, cereal, ketchup, cornbread mix and tortilla chips). 

I saw the instant mashed potatoes on sale for .88 cents. I don't normally buy things like this... but... I admit to liking the convenience nowadays! :)  Since buying them I've used one of them, the loaded baked potato one shown in the picture. My thoughts are this... they taste good and they are super easy to make, however the ingredient list on the them is a mile long! Healthy, they are not. In a pinch they'll be nice to have on the shelf, but I'd take homemade mashed potatoes over these any day.

My total for Winco this week was $49

My next stop was Costco...


We were out of regular potato chips and I saw my Costco had the Kettle BBQ chips in (seems they only carry it seasonally here). Kettle chips are my hubby's favorite chips so I knew he would enjoy these. I also picked up ranch dressing, mixed nuts, and french bread.  

I saw this Korean style sauce there for the first time. I love Korean food (thanks to my Korean son in law who has also been a chef! We're always treated to amazing food when we go visit). In any case, I picked up a bottle of this to try. So far I've only used it to brush on some chicken I was reheating, but we liked it!

 This Costco trip had a lot of chicken in it! I think I'm addicted to rotisserie chickens. I purchase about 2 of them a month. They are such a deal at $4.99 each. They're ready to eat and taste delicious. I can easily get 2 to 3 meals out of them. And then I have the bones left to make stock. All the way around I think they are a bargain. 

I also like to have chicken to cook up my own way in the freezer. I typically buy a package of thighs (bone in, skin on) and a package of legs (drumsticks). 

I love the way these are packaged. They come in 6 smaller packages that is just perfect size for a meal (or two). And they are very reasonably priced (for my area)

I like the fact that I don't have to repackage the large quantity. I separate the individual packages and put them in a large bag (usually reuse a produce bag from the grocery store) and put them in the freezer. The bag helps so I don't end up with chicken all over my freezer :D.

My total this week for Costco was: $73

Grand total for this week's groceries:


That's all for this weeks Grocery Haul for Two!

Crystal :)


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