Wednesday Snap Shot

Good morning! The rain came back to our area, with a vengeance! We had thunderstorms (which is not all that common here), hail, wind and rain, lots of rain. It most certainly feels like fall now.

The rain has actually been a good thing for us. We get our water from a spring on our property. It flows into a reservoir that holds 1200 gallons of water. From there it flows, by gravity, to our home. If we have a dry late summer and fall the amount of water coming from our spring will start to get less and less. On very dry years we've even had it dry up completely. When that happens we have another spring that we utilize to pump water into the reservoir. Each fall we keep an eye on the flow of the spring. We were starting to get a little concerned as the amount of water coming into the reservoir had gotten down to drops. So we knew we had 1200 gallons of water and were hoping this would last until the rains came back. Well, it has. The ground has soaked up all the rain we've been having and our spring is flowing once again. It's simply one of those things we deal with here on our little homestead.

Other than that drama ;) life has been easy going this week with the normal chores and routines of life and a visit with my daughter and another visit with my youngest son.

Sunday morning I got a fun video call from my daughter in California and got to say hi to my little grandboys down there. Video calls are always a lot of fun. 

Today is an 'in town' day with my hubby. We have errands to run and grocery shopping to do. He needs a stop at Lowe's and I need to make a quick stop at Walmart.

After we are home and I get the groceries put away I need to take care of a few chores..

~mop the kitchen and dining room floors
~fold some laundry that I didn't get to yesterday
~vacuum the living room

Dinner tonight will be Costco's orange chicken, pot stickers, and a salad. It will be an easy meal after a busy day.

For the Love of Books!
I had a chance to a little more reading this week. I'm almost done now with Huckleberry Finn.

I'm still working on my fort kits. I needed some duct tape in bright colors and ordered if from Amazon and it arrived a couple days ago. I can move onto the next step now. I've been asked about my fort kits. I am planning on doing a blog post about them after I finish the kits. In the meantime I'll share the link for the plan that I'm following. You can find that HERE.

I have a couple sewing projects that I want to work on, just need to find the time. I plan on making 2 aprons from a couple tea towels that I have. I'm not liking the fabric I have on hand. The colors and all don't work with the towels. I really like the towels so I'm thinking I may see what Walmart has today as far as a contrasting fabric for the pocket and straps.

Plus I still want to make pot holders...

Time, time, time.. Ha, ha! I think I need to dedicate a couple afternoons to nothing but sewing.

Frugal Living
Reusing and recycling items I already have for other purposes is one of the frugal things I like to do. I posted yesterday about this very thing. I used containers and jars I had on hand to reorganize my pantry. If you missed that post you can see it HERE.

Fitness and Health
My walking is continuing on. Last week I had 5 out of 7 days with 10,000 steps or more. My muscles are talking to me! Ha, ha!! But oh my it feels good to be out walking.

Are you looking for ways to get more veggies into your diet? I try and eat a largely plant based diet so I'm always on the lookout for way to eat more veggies and plant foods. I've found one of my favorite things lately is a veggie wrap. 

Super easy and quick to make. I put some fresh veggies on a tortilla.. the one pictured below I had a bit of spinach, cabbage and grated carrots. In a frying pan I stir fried a small handful of frozen stir fry veggies (I get mine from Costco). When they were soft I added some garbonzo beans and drizzled some Italian dressing on it all and then put it on top of the veggies on the tortilla. I find these so filling and so good. And they are a quick and easy lunch to make.

View from my Deck
There isn't much to see from my deck this morning. The clouds are covering everything up and it's raining. A Pacific Northwest fall day!

Today's weather: High: 59 Low: 57

That is all for this week! Hope you are having a fantastic week!


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