Menu Monday!

Good morning and happy October 1 st! I'm trying to wrap my brain around the fact that it's already October!

It took a bit longer than usual to figure out the menu this week. Everything I thought of was just.. ok.. but not really sounding good. Eventually I got it figured out. Hopefully it will be a week of yummy food! :)

Monday: Tomato soup and grilled ham & cheese sandwiches. Monday is going to be a busy day so I wanted something simple to make when I came home. I'll serve a nice big salad with this meal. 

Tuesday: Chili – I'll make it in my Instant Pot for a quick and easy meal for another planned busy day. I plan to serve either corn bread or chips & salsa on the side and of course a nice big salad. 

Wednesday: Leftover chili – I always seem to make enough for at least a couple meals and any leftovers go in the freezer in individual servings for use later on. 

Thursday: Freezer meals. I have a nice collection of freezer meals building up so I'm making a point to serve them at least once a week until we eat them up. Since I put the meals in individual containers we'll be able to pick what we want on that night. Homemade TV dinners.. :) 

Friday: Creamy chicken bacon spaghetti. I'm not following a recipe for this meal. I'll make a cream sauce using sour cream or cream cheese, a can of cream of mushroom soup and enough whole milk to think to my desired consistency. I'll add chopped, cooked chicken and bacon and toss with some angel hair pasta. On the side will be french bread and a salad or veggie of my choosing.

Saturday: Leftovers – I'm sure there will be plenty from the previous night

Sunday: Beef tortellini soup, pumpkin muffins (if I get that ambitious – ha, ha.. otherwise it will be crackers), and a salad. I'm going to roughly use THIS recipe for the soup. My changes are: I'm using some beef chuck (about a pound) and will cut it up in bite size pieces. I'll cook the meat and all the remaining ingredients in my Instant Pot. Instead of the beef consomme I'll add an equal amount of water and season it well with salt, pepper, garlic and so forth. The amount of time I'll cook it will be half the time on the package of frozen tortellini. The soup along with the pumpkin muffins is sounding so good and very fall like!

Hope you have a great week!



  1. Hi Crystal
    I really enjoy your blog. You use your Instant Pot quite often,I just received one,and it scares me a little. My main concern is how do I figure length of time
    To say cook a 2 pound pork roast from Costco, or 2 Chicken breast’s.
    Thanks so much🙂

    1. Hi Bernice, I started off using recipes I found online. They give the times to cook various foods and that helps get a feel for it. There are also a few websites that list times such as

      Hope that helps! :) Crystal

  2. Leftover chili is wonderful over pasta with onion and cheese.

    1. Yum!! That sounds really good.. thank you for the idea! 😊

  3. Beef tortellini soup sounds sooo good right now! Autumn has definitely arrived here in New England, so soups and stews are making their appearance on our supper table. Blessings! Jamie

    1. Hi Jamie, it was very good! We enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!! Crystal


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