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I disappeared from my blog world in the last 2 weeks! My life seemed to take on a direction of its own. I finally have a quiet (mid) morning and thought I sit down and do a quick blog to catch up. I'm at my computer with a blueberry, banana,raspberry/spinach smoothie (which is wonderful) and a cup of mint/green tea. 

I've read a lot about green tea over the last few years and finally decided to try and make it more of my regular routine. I enjoy herb teas and this is an easy one to add to my day. In the morning I make a quart of herb tea. I fill a canning jar with boiling water, add my tea bags and let them steep. I make it my goal to drink that throughout the day. This morning I did one bag of green tea and one bag of mint tea. It's a really nice combo.

My life became very busy in the last couple weeks with several different things. We have a rental that came vacant and I've been helping my hubby to clean it and get it ready for the next tenant. I've been working on sewing projects. One was simple enough, repair some of my hubby's favorite work pants with patches and fixes on holes in the pockets. I made an apron from scrap fabric I had and loved the way it turned out. 

Now I'm looking at the scraps I still have and am planning on making some potholders. Mine are way past worn out.

I also spent a day with my youngest son. He came to the house to help me work on Christmas gifts for my grandchildren (my PVC pipe fort kits). I so appreciated his day of help! (my cat had to get in the action as well! :)

I spent another day with my daughter and grandchildren out enjoying a wonderful fall day. It was windy and a little cool, but the sunshine and the beautiful scenery around us made up for that.


Then last weekend I got a call from one of my nieces telling my brother was in the hospital. He had a mini stroke and was in the ICU. My hubby took off work and we went to see him. He is home now, resting and improving.

Finally this week, I had my 6 week post op appointment with my eye doctor. He said everything is healing as it should and my eye was looking great. As soon as the stitches dissolve I will be able to wear my contacts again.

It seemed like with the all the various things going on that my blogging took a backseat to life. This coming week is looking more easy going and I should be back to my regularly scheduled blogging. 

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!



  1. Seriously, you should make aprons and sell them. That is such a beautiful one. It's hard to find such a simple and pretty apron like that anymore. I wish I knew how to sew, but I don't. Anyway, it's a thought. I would definitely buy one!!

    1. Thank you, that is very kind of you 😊 I use to make and sell aprons. I sold a lot of them and really enjoyed it. Life got to busy as I was finishing up home schooling my kids thru highschool and I had to stop. Maybe one of these days I'll try again. Crystal


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