Menu Monday!

Happy Monday! I'm working to get back to my regular blogging after my unplanned little break. Due to being so busy I didn't plan a menu last week and didn't enjoy trying to figure out what to cook each night. It's not the way I like to roll. I guess I've menu planned for so many years now that its become a big part of how I keep my life simplified, as least as much as possible.

I have some great recipes to share with you and am trying to decide if I wait until Friday's blog post (I like to include a new recipe as often as possible on the grocery haul posts), or post a separate post?  I'll see how my week goes.

In any case, here is what I'm planning for this week (trying to keep it basic and simple)...

Monday: Chili & cornbread – Unless my hubby decides he wants to bbq some burgers, then my plans could change :). I'll add a nice big green salad to this meal.

Tuesday: Chicken Pot Pie – I purchased a pie crust a couple weeks ago with this meal in mind. I'll serve a big salad and maybe some biscuits with it.

Wednesday: Pizza – I have one pizza crust left in the freezer and some Jimmy Dean sausage I want to use up. Once again salad will be served with this.

Thursday: Leftovers – at this point I'll have plenty of leftovers to eat and freeze in individual servings.

Friday: Fried Chicken (in the air fryer), roasted butternut squash, biscuits and a salad. I've fallen completely in love with my air fryer (I love it ALMOST as much as my Instant Pot, ha, ha :)! So many meals I wouldn't make due to the deep frying mess that I can easily make without unnecessary fat in our diet.

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Potato chowder, dinner rolls, salad – I have a few hot link sausages in the freezer that I'll add to my chowder.

That should do it for us. Hope you have a great week!



  1. How do you make fried chicken in your air fryer? I have a Philips brand fryer. I haven't had any luck with homemade fried chicken or homemade fish fillets. Any info you could share would be helpful.

    1. I've fried chicken a couple different ways. One is to season some flour in one bowl and in another bowl beat a couple eggs.. then dip my chicken pieces first in the eggs and then dredge through the flour. I lay the pieces in my air fryer (skin side down) and cook for half the time.. flip the chicken over and finish cooking. The temp and time would be according to your fryer. I have a Gormia brand with preset times and that is what I use.
      I also have skipped the flour/egg step and simply season the chicken well and cook the same way. Hope this helps. Crystal

    2. Would love to see a tutorial if you are ever looking for suggestions. Thanks again.

    3. I would be happy to do that 😊

  2. I am truly enjoying your blogs. You give me great ideas on how to plan meals and grocery shopping. My husband and I are empty nesters and I am often trying to find ways to save on food and utilize my time much better as a stay at home wife. Have a safe and Blessed week!☺️

    1. Hi Latosha 😊 thank you for your comment.. I'm happy to know my blogs are encouraging to you. Crystal

  3. Thank you for the information. Do you Spritz the chicken with oil beforehand?

    1. I've done it both ways.. spritz and no spritz and haven't really seen that much of a difference..


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