Wednesday Snap Shot

Good afternoon! My weekly post is out late today. This morning I headed into town with my hubby. He was taking our van to pick some things up at Home Depot and I had some things to pick up that required the van so I went along with him.

It's such a beautiful fall day today! The sun is shining and it's warm out with just a little fall time nip in the air.

My week has been busy. We have a vacant rental that I am working to clean up in preparations for the next tenants. Hubby has had some repair work to do as well. So I try and get over there as often as possible and plug away at the cleaning. I've gotten the kitchen done and all the windows cleaned. The windows were pretty bad so it's taken a long time. I finished cleaning the laundry room area on Monday.

Aside from a couple other trips to town I've been working on going through more of the things that have accumulated over the 20+ years we've lived here. I did this a few years ago and it's time to do it again. There were things I hung onto and now I need to reassess and see if I can continue to trim down.

Today's goals, aside from posting this blog :), are.....

~clean up clutter
~clean up my laundry room/pantry
~sweep & mop the kitchen floor
~vacuum the living room.

For the Love of Books!
I finished The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne and loved it. I have now started reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and I'm enjoying that quite a bit.

In my Bible reading I finished 1st & 2nd Peter and have started 1st John

My mind has been on Christmas gifts to make. One of my gift ideas for my grandchildren is a fort kit made from PVC pipe. They can use the kit to make any type of fort they can imagine. I like the gift idea because it (hopefully) will engage them physically, allow them to use their imagination and be creative all while having fun. My trip to Home Depot today was to get the 10ft lengths of pipe I will be needing. 


This is another project that I'll share more about when I finish it.

Fitness and Health
I didn't get as many 10,000 step days last week as I wanted, but my overall daily average of steps has gone up between 5,000 and 7,000 most days. I'm pretty happy to be moving and doing once again.

View from my Deck
The sun is out with a few clouds in the sky and it's just lovely...

Hubby is currently taking advantage of the dry and warm day to do some mowing. Hopefully it will be the last mowing of the season.

Today's weather: High: 67   Low: 44

That is all for this week! Hope you are having a fantastic week!


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