The Roosters are in the Freezer!

Well I am so happy to say that the other 9 roosters are now in the freezer.  We did the deed on these guys on Friday later afternoon/evening.  Tobin, being the handy guy that he is, made a ‘killing coneÂ’ for me and he did all the killing part.  The cone made it a pretty easy job compared to tying the roosters up feet first.  Less traumatic for everyone! 


If you donÂ’t know what a killing cone is it is a metal funnel similar in shape to those orange road side cones you see when roadwork is being done. You hang them upside down and put the chicken in head first.  Tobin attached a 2x4 to the cone and hung it up on our carport.   You can see a pic of one here:  (scroll about half way down the page). 


After Tobin did that part, I scalded the bird and my daughters and I plucked the feathers.  Then I transferred the birds to one of the two ice chests I had waiting with cold ice water in to sit and cool off while we did the next bird. 


After that Tobin and I both cleaned them out and Emily scrubbed them and weighed and bagged each one and put them in the freezer.


I am so happy to have this little saga over with now! But also so inspired to raise some pastured poultry for the freezer this spring.  I have been looking at different ideas and plans for a moveable pen for the birds.  I will keep you posted on this one.. with pictures if we do this! 


By the way we left one rooster.. the smart one.. he stayed way up in the rafters of the hen house and refused to come down! LOL.. 



  1. You make it sound SOOOO easy Crystal! I need a field trip to your house! Doug says he will NEVER again butcher my poultry. Guess I better learn!

    I miss ya.

  2. Better than a field trip.. we could have a Family Homestead Weekend!! Make soap, make cheese, bake bread, butcher a rooster, relax with your goat milk lattes... I love the idea.. :) Tara could come too.. :) Hey ready for another phone chat? :)

  3. Crystal.....hey, I only live 2 days away....could I come...LOL!!! What a dream...a weekend on Crystal's Homestead!!!

    Blessings my friend,


  4. I came to your blog page and as it was coming up I told Ken how you had butchered the first rooster, and he says "She should use a killing cone." I laughed at him because I never heard of such a thing and then I read your first paragraph. He was right! A killing cone- sounds so violent LOL Anyway, like I said last time you are my hero :) I am also designing my very own chicken tractor. I'm going to have the kids build me a prototype out of tinker toys :)


  5. Inspiring Crystal! After hearing first hand about Doug & Dalyn's saga, I wasn't sure if I ever wanted to attempt butchering anything with wings! You make it sound fairly simple, but then, we are talking a 30 lb difference here! LOL.

    Hey, I'm up for a homesteaders retreat at Crystal's place! It's only a few hours drive from here. Dalyn and I will carpool :).

    Oh and better come! Ya might have to leave the furbabies home though :(.

  6. There is a wonderful, and I think it's still free, pattern for a mobile chicken coop at I just thought that you would like to know. In Christ, Heather Gilbert

  7. The exact web address is:


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