Canning Questions Answered

Canning Questions Answered


I posted a couple of days ago on canning your own homemade convenience foods and was asked a few questions and I wanted to comment on a few comments!!   


1. Intimidated by pressure canners? 


In the old days pressure canners were more dangerous than they are today.  My grandmother had one blow up on her and she received burns because of it and would never again use one.  For years after that she canned everything from fruit to meats in a boiling water bath.  Knowing what I know about botulism and other bacterial problems I would not do that today.  The pressure canners of today have different safety features such as rubber release stoppers that will pop off to allow the steam to escape in the case of any types of emergencies.  But more importantly than that is to make sure you have a pressure canner checked periodically by your local extension service to ensure your pressure gage is working correctly.  The next would be not leave a canner while you have it on the stove.  I usually work to clean the kitchen, prepare the next batch of food or if it is my last batch of the day I have been known to take a book and a chair into the kitchen and read while the canner hums away.   A build of steam and pressure is not as likely if you are monitoring your canner and you know your gage is reading in the correct ranges.


2. When you can meat does it need to be refrigerated after that? 


No it does not!  That would take away from the advantage of canning it.  Canning began before the time when refrigeration was available and was a way to preserve foods for the future.


Canning food works by heating the food up to temperatures that will kill any bacteria that is living in the food and you are sealing the jar shut creating an air tight environment so no new bacteria will not begin to grow. By doing this the food will not go bad.  


3. Leanne NZÂ… 

I  believe canning and bottling are the same thing.  In my part of the US I know canning is the term used to seal food in jars for later use.  I have a picture on my other blog of some foods I canned up this last summerÂ…


This was jam and 3-bean salad I canned..


In the background are some jars of milk I cannedÂ…



Ok.. I hope that helps to answer the questions!! 



  1. Ahhh all clicking here in NZ a jar is usually glass & a can tin Hence my confusion.

    When you get a mo can you please take a photo of your canning machine and let me know brand name.

    You have got me all inspired - infact I made jam yesterday first time in many years It was such fun!!! And tomato pasta sauce - it highlighted to us all the brought brands are a lovely red mine was an orange so we dug deeper re additives and my oh my!!!

    Bottling/preserving is soo good for figure too as I did 8,500 steps just cooking in the kitchen ahhh on to a good thing I think!

    Thanks heaps.

    Love LeanneNZ

  2. everything looks so yummy! I am going to try canning more meat products since reading your posts. I had always frozen everything but canning is a much better way to go... thanks

  3. I only have a water bath canner and have only done jams and tomato sauce. I read that if my sauce does not have meat, it is acidic enough to be done in a water bath only. Would you agree to this and how long would you let quart jars stay in the water bath? I usually allow 15 minutes.

  4. THIS is why I am enjoying Homestead Blogger so much. The fellowship and also the great information we can all share.

    Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday! ~Robin

  5. Crystal, what a beautiful photo of your canned jams and soups- I just love stuff like that, it's so pretty! Thanks for the canning primer, I certainly will have a bazillion more questions for you come summer. I am buying a pressure canner this year for sure.


  6. You have NO idea how much your blog helps me learn. I mean, you are the place I go to understand canning, butchering, everything. I started reading you almost a year ago, your goat ice cream info! ha. Keep it coming; I love reading you!


  7. Why would someone jar up milk??


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