Pics of Ellies Pups...

Our Pomeranian dog Ellie had her pups almost 3 weeks ago. If you read my other blog I posted pics in there shortly after they were born. 

Here are the updated pics of her 2 babies..

The little boy (we have not named them as we are going to sell them)


The little girl


The two of them looking so cute!!


  1. I LOVE Poms!!! One of my dearests wishes is to have a Pom someday!! They are adorable!!! And I am sure they will be hard to give up!!! How fortunate you have 2 healthy babies!!

  2. They are so adorable!

  3. Crystal,

    It's a VERY good thing we do not live close to you...or we would be having another "furbaby" added to our family. Little boy and little girl are absolutely adorable!! I was so excited to see the new pictures posted...thanks for sharing them. Hugs to you all.


  4. There is nothing so cute as a baby animal, especially a puppy! (I can't sell a rabbit I name, either.)


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