Well I have read several websites on honey lately and have learned new things.  One of my most enjoyed websites was this one: http://www.honey.com/index.html


It is put out by the National Honey Board (whoever they are.. :)  )  But what I really enjoyed was all the recipes they have!!  Granted you will have to tweak them to more whole foods, because most seem to use a lot of white flour and such.  But I think anyone wanting to find more honey recipes will enjoy their selection: http://www.honey.com/recipes/index.asp 


The next thing I enjoyed on their site was the links to several booklets (pdf format) filled with even more honey recipes!  You can find those downloads here: http://www.honey.com/recipes/broch/index.html    I found several that I liked and printed them off. 


Hope you enjoy all the links and I can't for my gallon of honey from Azure to arrive on Thursday!!  :)



  1. for the wonderful links - I can't wait to look at them more in depth.

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I wonder if my mom knows about this, if not I HAVE to tell her. She's got a honey shop of her own, I used to extract the honey for her husband. It was a wonderful experience! If you want, my mom has a website, go check it out www.honeyheaven.com. If you go, please let me know what you think so I can tell her.

    0:) Amber


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