Details, Details, DetailsÂ…

After all the questions I got on butchering my first chicken I will share a bit about that with you..  BUT  I am no expert!!  LOL..  So if you are looking to me to give you step-by-step instructions.. sorry!!  I canÂ’t do that.  I am still learning this one!


I can recommend Carla EmeryÂ’s book, Encyclopedia of Country Living.  It is a great book and I refer to it all the time for all my country living questions. 


For my rooster, I read all the options I had and ended up tying his feet together and hanging him upside down (I used a low cross beam on my wood shelter to tie him to)  and cutting his head off with a very sharp knife. I had a bucket right under him to catch the blood.


Before I even started I took a large pot (14 qt size) and got water boiling in it.  When it reached 185 degrees my daughters brought the pot outside.  I dipped my bird in this hot water for about 30 seconds. 


I pulled him out and 2 of my daughters and I began plucking feathers.  The feathers pulled out very easily.  It took us maybe 5 minutes.  I had newspaper out to catch the feathers to make clean up easier.


Then I took him inside and washed him in my sink, and following CarlaÂ’s directions in her book, I cut him open and cleaned him out.  I soaked him in cold water too while I cleaned everything up.  Then I put him the fridge for about an hour to cool down and after that proceeded to make Rooster Noodle Soup .


After all was finished we buried all the mess so that the coyotes donÂ’t come looking around here for something to eat!!


So there are all the details.. maybe more than you wanted to know!!  


Now to get the other 9 done.. 


  1. "Rooster Noodle Soup" hahhaaaaaaa!

    I am glad it went ok, and thanks for sharing your experience with us. :) Let us know how the other 9 go....


  2. That's how you do it! I'm proud of you! And still amazed that you could 'do the deed' by yourself!!!

    Good girl!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing, I donot think I am there yet. The killing part I would wimp out on. But I think once I had done one I might them be ok.

    The book sounds brillinat will go looking for it.


  4. Thanks for sharing, Crystal.

    You are such an inspiration - I thank God everyday that I "met" you and the Ladies at the Homestead - you have literally changed my life!!!



  5. I am speechless with admiration- you are now my hero LOL

    Rooster noodle soup...still cracking me up!


    one lady on that thread has a neat method to restrain them using a jug and some she doesnt nail the chicken....check it out and way to go crystal

  7. You did great!!! If you have Joel Salatin's video on Pastured Poultry Profits, he shows how to do this. The first time we did it, we watched the video over and over! When we did broilers this past summer, one died as we moved the was under the edge when we sat it down. So, we brought it inside and processed it then. This was just Thomas and I. I am not big in the killing aspect of it. When we did our 100 broilers, Toby did the killing! We bought killing cones...the birds hang upside down in them and their heads and necks stick out. Gotta be quick, though, they can jump back out!

    I know you are planning to skin the remaining...but think of the rich stock you are giving up....

    Does sound much easier than plucking!

    I'm sure your soup was yummy!!! Love the name!!!

    I'm proud of you....but you are my inspiration, so that should come as no surprise!



  8. Can you tell me where I can purchase lye for soapmaking? Thanks!~Shaundra


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