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Wednesday Snap Shot is a quick peek into my week.

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So Far This Week
I'm still in a bit of shock over the events of this last week. As I watched the natural disaster happening in Texas I never dreamed that we would be in the midst of one just a few short days later.

On Sunday the little town across the river from us and a few miles east had a fire start. The town sits on the edge of the forest. The town was put on level 3 evacuation notice, which means it's time to leave.. NOW! A red cross shelter was established in the town closest to me, which is about 15 minutes away. We were not feeling threatened as they were fighting the fire and we have a huge river (the Columbia River) between the fire and us.

But the fire could not be contained. We have been incredibly dry here and low humidity. Perfect conditions for a fire to spread, fast. And it did. By Monday night this is what we could see of the fire from our backyard....

And less then an hour later, the view from my deck..

It was making it's way down the Gorge, fueled by hot, dry weather and strong winds. We were nervous. People on the other side of the river from us were also being given level 3 evacuation notices. But again there is a huge river between that fire and us. However, the winds were so strong they were blowing burning embers and moss across the river and starting spot fires on our side.

I woke up early yesterday morning to my phone going off like crazy. People were messaging me wondering if we were ok and I, frantically, was looking to see what they were talking about. About 5 miles from us there is a mountain and it was on fire. All the people living there had been given level 3 notices. We had not been given any notice. But not knowing what would happen next we decided to pack up and prepare to leave.

We knew the major highway on the other side of the river had been closed, ours was open. As I said I live in a gorge.. mountains on each side, a river between us and there are two ways out of here, with highways on both sides of the river that run east and west. And that is it. We were hearing spot fires were burning on each side of us, to the east and to the west.

After packing up we, my husband, my son and me, each driving a vehicle, left. We got to my daughters house and waited. Waited for news. We spent most of the day with her and the grandchildren.

I heard the fire closest to us was contained and we decided to go home. We left one car at my daughters and drove home through the smoky ash mess. As of now we are home. Our van is still packed and the fires are still burning on the other side of the river. The winds died down last night, which was a blessing. The humidity has gone up, which is a good thing and we are all praying for rain.

Today we are still in a thick layer of smoke. The fires are still burning on the other side of the river. For now, we feel we are out of danger but those on the other side of the river are not. Last I read the fire had spread to 10,000 acres.  

I think the saddest part is that the fire was started by careless teenagers lighting fireworks in the forest and laughing as they did it according to witnesses who were there hiking the trails. 

On My To-Do List
Probably unpack our van of the items we felt we needed in case we had to leave. I think we are going to be fine now. But it was better to be safe then sorry.

After that, pick up the house and maybe head into town to pick up some groceries.

Projects I'm Working On
Recovery from the fear of it all.

Today's Weather
It's supposed to be a warm day, but with the thick smoke in the air I doubt it will get as hot as they say.

High 88, Low 64

The View from my Deck (or window)
Can not see a thing past the smoke filled skies. I have a feeling when the smoke clears the view will be heartbreaking. All that beautiful forest has been destroyed.

What I'm Reading
Still reading Jeremiah and Dracula.

What I'm Listening To
My hubby on the phone. There is no wind today and everything is eerily quiet right now.

Something Frugal I've Done This Week
Using up leftovers. The first thing I've learned as I have been adjusting to cooking for hubby, son and me is that I have had to buy a lot less and cook smaller meals. It's been a challenging transition after years and years of cooking for a large family. Using up leftovers starts with buying smaller amounts of food when shopping (thinking specifically fresh foods) and then cooking smaller portions or at least medium size portions if I want leftovers for a day or two. But it's so easy to end up with small amounts of this or that in the fridge. I'm finding ways to incorporate these small amounts into other meals or simply serve that last little bit of macaroni salad (or whatever) to any of us. Throwing food away bothers me, because hubby works hard for our money and I always get the feeling I'm throwing cash in the garbage when I toss out food. Diligence in managing the food resources is my goal. This week I did good with this! :)

Fitness and Health for the Week
I'm feeling like I am pretty much past my issues. I've been doing more and more and feeling good. Walking is still on my plan :). What can I say, it's been a “one day at a time” process.

That is all for this week! Hope you are having a great week.


  1. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I have family in your area and have been wondering about your family. Wondering if you evacuated. Glad you are safe.


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