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I got up early this morning, as I typically do (I am a morning person by nature). I love the peace and quiet of the morning. My hubby was already up and working on plans for remodeling the kitchen in a rental we have. We enjoyed a cup of coffee together and then he went back to work on his plans and I moved on to my responsibilities.

As I was sitting here in my living room getting ready to write this post I was looking out my 3 large living room windows at the dark and thinking of Proverbs 31:15, “She also rises while it is yet night, and provides food for her household, and a portion for her maidservants.”. Aside from getting breakfast going for the family, today is a grocery shopping day for me. I smiled at that verse, yep, time to provide food for the household!

My youngest son Isaac who is 13 just finished his Saxon Algebra ½ book on Monday. Everyone gave him a round of applause for his diligent good work! Now it’s time to move onto the Algebra 1 book after he takes a math break for a few days. Today he is going to go into town with me and assist with the grocery shopping. Often on grocery shopping days I will call up one of my older daughters and see if she wants to meet up in town for a little visit at Starbucks. It is always a fun way to start the day and often whichever daughter it is will go shopping with me so we have extended visit time, plus I enjoy seeing the grandkids and having them tag along as well.

By the time it started to get light out I could see the mountains out my windows. Well through a cloudy mist. It is one of those typical gray, misty, wet days here in the Pacific Northwest.

Hope you have a great day on your homestead … 


  1. What a beautiful view! Good luck to Isaac on Algebra 1. My 15 year old is working through Geometry right now and her mind is fried most evenings after school.

  2. I really enjoyed this post! I too love the 5-6 am hour before anyone in our House is up!

  3. This was a great post ;) :) I've really been taking Proverbs 31 to heart. My father and I used to get up 6 a.m. t go to the grocery store...and shop. Seriously. It was super early, but we loved it, because it was quiet. We got groceries and had great father/daughter time together :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)

  4. I cannot tell you how deeply this post resonates with me. My husband is a diary farmer so the two of us are always up really early. He is up at 3:00am and I am up no later than 4:00am. I struggled with this at first as I am not a morning person at all. Now, however, I have come to take great joy now in these early mornings. The stillness and peace that comes from the rest of the world (mainly my children) still sleeping is unparalleled. The morning "rush" is no more. I feel free to indulge in spending as much time as I desire in my personal time with the Lord every morning. On the rare days when I do not rise as early, my whole day seems off.
    Thank you for not only posting this, but for finding the simply joy in such sweet things.

  5. My husband leaves for work at 6:15 am and my day goes better if I am up at this time. If I try to sleep a little longer, it ends up wayyyy too much longer and I get up feeling like my day is already off to a bad start.

    Thank you for you post. I am going to make it a goal of mine to just get up, enjoy the peace and get started on my day.


  6. what a beautiful view...always love reading your posts!


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