Putting the Garden to Bed

We had a nice string of dry days and it allowed my garden to be dry enough to rototill. My son Jacob came and spent a few days with us and while he was here he helped me (along with Isaac & Sierra) get the garden cleaned up and ready for winter.  It took the 4 of us 3 hours to get it all done.

I left my cabbage plants and a few pumpkins. Not sure if either will produce much, but we’ll see. I also left my cosmos flowers because they are in full bloom and looking so pretty.

The goats got the corn stalks and were quite happy about it!! The rest went to the compost pile.

Here are some pics from yesterday’s garden clean up…



  1. Isn't it satisfying to put it to bed? I think I love it because there are no weeds again :-)

  2. Such beautiful pictures! It has been raining for 3 days here, so no tilling for me. I agree with dr momi! It's great to see all of that fresh dirt with no weeds in sight! :)

  3. I also like this time of year, cleaning up and readying the garden for winter's frosty breath. After tilling last week we spread some rye seed on the side we wont use next spring and are putting all the leaves and lawn cuttings along with the chicken squeezin's from the coop on the sided we will use (rotation gardening).

    Pretty pics :)

  4. YEs, this time of year signals a time of rest not only for the garden but for me! LOL!

  5. Garden cleaned, an now it's time to settle in and crochet Christmas presents, but I'm already dreaming of what we'll plant next year. I love your blog! Even posted it on my Facebook page for others to see. Thanks so much. :0)

  6. I still need to get my garden cleaned up for winter. It's been raining for weeks here. I hope we get a break before the snow starts! lol


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