Wednesday on the Homestead

Good Afternoon!

After a month of busyness my life is finally settling back down to my normal routines. While it was a wonderful time, I have to admit the peace and quiet is so nice! :) 

On Friday we got up at 3:00 AM and were out the door by 3:45 heading to the airport to take my grandson on his journey home. He was flying by himself and we were able to escort him thru security and wait for him to board his plane. 

We got thru security and then got some breakfast sandwiches at the McDonald's that was there.  I wanted to make sure he had something to eat before his 7 hours of flying time. I also made sure he had some snacks with him as well. 

When the time came we hugged and kissed him goodbye and he got on the plane. We stayed to see the plane roll out..

He had a good flight and arrived in Kentucky on time and was picked up by my daughter (his mama). 

On Sunday my son and I decided to go and do another hike. I'll share more about that in a bit. It was a nice day and we both had a great time. 

Yesterday I got together again with my daughter and her children, my good friend, her daughter and her children and the 15 of us went on another little hike (I think we hiked a little over a couple miles). These are the same friends I shared about a while back. We're trying to make this a regular thing we do because we all have so much fun. It was an easy hike as it was on logging roads but the scenery was beautiful and being outside just raises the happiness level of everyone! :)

At this point my house is in desperate need of my attention! Ha, Ha!!  I've been going in so many directions that it's time for me to focus on my home again.  


My goals today mostly center around the house. My kittens have new homes and the laundry room is a disaster. They had a lot of fun in there! ;) And today I will reclaim it as my laundry room once again. 

Other then that, I need to do clutter control, vacuum floors, and swish through the bathroom.  

Dinner tonight is leftover chicken enchiladas that I made yesterday, so no cooking for me today! :D 

For the Love of Books!
I started Call of the Wild, but haven't had a chance to get very far in it. It's a short book so I'm hoping to finish it this week.

Cleaning and purging the stuff is still my main priority right now. Since I'll be doing a deep cleaning of the laundry room, I'll focus there and see if there are things I can get rid of.

Fitness and Health
My son and I went on a hike on Sunday. It was a beautiful day out! We got to the trailhead early because we knew this was a popular hike and the parking lot fills up quickly. We were able to get a spot. 

We were climbing up a mountain for this hike. The total elevation gain to the top of the mountain was 2200 feet.  We got up about half way and I could not tackle a couple of huge rocks. I just didn't have the leg power. The trail was steep to begin with and I would have had to lift myself up over 2 large rocks that were probably hip/waist high and going uphill.  I have to say I was really disappointed. We later learned there is another trail to the top that has more switchbacks and ascends slower and less difficult, but more miles. I think the next time we attempt this mountain, we'll take that trail and see if I have more luck. In the meantime I need to keep getting out there and walking and hiking and reaching more goals (to strengthen muscles) so one of these days I won't be stopped by things like this. 

The hike itself was beautiful! We stopped a couple times for pictures. I didn't take as many because this hike was a lot of work from the start! I was focused on getting up that mountain. 


And I LOVED this bridge over a rushing creek.. so pretty!

In all we hiked 4 fairly difficult miles (at least for me), and had a great time. I like challenging myself with things that are a little more difficult, if I can do it, yay!! If not, I have a new goal. And now I have the goal to get to the top of this mountain one day soon! :)

View from my Deck
Today is looking like it will be a beautiful day! Love the clear blue skies. We're getting a lot more summer days now (finally) and I'm sure enjoying that. 


Today's weather: High: 80  Low: 54

That's all for this week my friends,


  1. wow...who built the walk way! yikes!!

    1. I'm sure the forest service did.. it was more like stairs than a walk way.. long stairs and muddy 😀..

  2. Love reading your blog. I do have a question though. I've been following you for years when all your children were young. You always had a beautiful garden. Do you plant anything in your garden? You should be very proud of yourself, hiking up hill and 4 miles! I have made many of your recipes Crystal and enjoyed every one. Thank you for sharing your weekly life. I looked forward to it. I just wish I was closer to stop in for a visit. I am in Pa. Momma of 6 and Grandmom to 12 ( so far). Thank you!

    1. Hi Lisa! I wish you were closer too! 😊 A visit sounds lovely.. A few years ago I started having a lot of health issues and didn't have the energy to garden.. last year was a recovery year for me, so no garden.. this year I wasn't feeling ready to yet. I miss gardening a lot so we'll see how I feel next year.

      I see we're both mom's to many children and grandchildren!! It's such a blessing ❤️❤️

      Thanks for the comment 😊
      Crystal 😊


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