Hello Friends!

My original plan was to take last week off of blogging to spend time with my grandson and it's been wonderful :). 

 It's been wonderful and busy! :D

I thought I'd share a few pictures...

Having fun with Legos and some cousin fun time..

He helped Grandpa pull some weeds and earned a little money (to buy more Legos :D )

And he's enjoyed spending time at his cousins house....

He also likes to cook and has helped me in the kitchen, and we've played card games, worked together on home things (helping me prep for family coming), and gone on walks.

All in all the whole family is having a great time with him.


As for this update..

I have several family members arriving this week and a family get together planned for Saturday and a list of things to get done to prepare for it all.

SO, I will be taking this week off as well. Most of my family will be leaving on Monday (except for my grandson who will be here for a couple more weeks). 

My goal at this point is to be back to blogging  by next week. :)

Crystal :)


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