Grocery Haul for Two and LOTS of Catch Up!

When I take a break from blogging the hardest post to catch up on are the grocery hauls. I'm going to only give totals for the 2 weeks that I missed and this will also include my weekly average as of the end of June.  I had so much going on that I didn't take the time to take the pictures of those weeks. For this current week I am back at it with pictures! :)

Also these 2 weeks of trips are a bit higher than my normal because I was preparing for my family get together. 

My grocery haul for the last week of June was: $180

I spent $373 for groceries in June. From the beginning of the year until the end of June I have spent $2465 on all groceries, and shopped (to that date) 26 times. 

My weekly average on groceries as of the end of June is: $95


Now for last weeks grocery haul. I went to Costco for most all of my groceries. I also took a quick trip to Fred Meyers because they had steak on sale. 

I spent $121 at Costco and $44 at Fred Meyer. 

My grand total for the first grocery trip in July was:


Now for this weeks haul :) I still had leftovers hanging around even after several days. So I only needed to make a quick trip to Winco to pick up my weekly basics and a few deals along the way.

I still had a bit of fruit and a few veggies so I only picked up some salad and a salad mix, onions, cucumbers, grape and roma tomatoes. And I got a few apples and bananas I also picked up an 8# bag of oranges that my hubby at set in the other room and I didn't see them, so they are not in the pic. 

I also picked up milk, eggs, a can biscuits, a couple orange juices, tortillas and a couple pizzas that my grandson had requested. 

The tortillas ended up in 2 pictures.. :D .. oh well.. I picked up a box of pancake mix (for the grandson :) and I got 2 packages of rib eye steaks (our steak supply was pretty much depleted with the big steak bbq for the family). I also found some thin sliced pork chops at a good deal and grabbed those as well. 

My receipt shows a total of $80.15, but this also included a bag of cat littler for $8.12. That goes under animal supplies and is not part of my grocery budget. So $80.15 - 8.12 = 72.03

Total from Winco and 
grand total for this week:


I'm all caught up now! 

That's all for this week's Grocery Haul for Two 


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