Grocery Haul for Two

Good Morning!! This week was a catch up and restocking week. I went to both Costco and Winco.

My first stop was Costco...

I picked up 2 types of bread, country buttermilk and rye bread (it's that time of year and Costco has rye bread for a great price). I also bought ranch dressing, mixed nuts, sliced cheese, bbq sauce (Sweet Baby Rays, my favorite! :), and butter.  The pistachios and cookies are being given as gifts. 

And I picked up meat. I used the last of the pork shoulder/butt roast in my freezer last week and it was time to get some more.  Costco sells it for $1.99 a pound and my package was 15 pounds. I spent almost $31 for that and when I got home I divided it into 2 and 3 pound packages and put it in my freezer. 

Along with it being the time of year for rye bread, it's also the time of year for corned beef....

I picked up 2 of them.  I really enjoy corned beef and look forward to this time of year.  It was brought up by a friend of mine, do you buy the cheapest one you can find or buy the more expensive?  

Here is my story..  I've always bought the least expensive.  Last year I bought one (at the inexpensive price).  I only bought one because I was not eating all normal foods yet and still slowly getting back into cooking and shopping.  I made it and I knew I should pick up another one for the freezer.  When I went looking for the cheapest one, they were out. My only option was Costco and they were kind of spendy.  I bought it anyway.  

Here is what I discovered, the more expensive one tasted so much better. Not only did it taste better, but had less fat on it.  Both were the same cuts. 

This year I made the decision to buy the more expensive once again. Each one was around $15.00

In any case I spent around $60 of this weeks grocery bill on meat. Now my freezer is nicely stocked with pork and corned beef for awhile. 

Total from Costco: $138.00

The next stop was Winco...

Basic fruits and veggies. I picked up an 8lb bag of oranges and they have been so sweet!

Half & half, milk and restocking the fridge with a few yogurts.

I restocked my pantry with beans, a can of chili, bbq chips and a bag of tortilla chips (which were also purchased as a gift), some Franks Wing Sauce and a packet of ranch dressing.  I was going to try a crockpot chicken recipe with the wing sauce and ranch, but after buying the ingredients and THEN reading some of the reviews I'm now planning on doing my own version of it in the oven.  That will be saved for a future blog post! :)

All the crossing out you see in the receipt was because I got charged for the wrong kind of apples and something else went wrong and it was corrected (my daughter worked as a cashier for a while, and it happens :). 

Total for Winco this week: $33

And grand total for the week:

That's all for this weeks Grocery Haul for Two!

Crystal :)


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