Grocery Haul for Two (and 2 month spending average)

Happy March 1st! Which means February is over and I'll give you my 2 month weekly grocery spending average at the end of this post.

I had 2 stops this week. The first was Costco...

And, something always gets forgotten :) I realized this as I was putting everything away..

I'm trying out some new lunch meat. I have not bought Costco's brand before. I made some wraps for my hubby's lunch with their beef lunch meat and I have to say it was so good.  

Other then that there was dinner rolls, french bread, coffee pods for my Keurig and a rostisserie chicken. 

 And with that I picked up my big splurge for the week..

Already made scalloped potatoes and an Asian chopped salad kit.  Here is why..  we had been in town all day and it would be nearly 9:00pm before we got home. Neither of us wanted to go out to eat and at that time of the night I didn't want to go home and cook.  I was out of my own salad mix (which I made a big batch of the next day). I realize I paid a premium for potatoes and cabbage, ha, ha! But in actuality I was buying convenience, that was the goal. Didn't do a lot for my grocery budget but that is the way life rolls sometimes and I can be thankful for all the weeks I spend very little. 

Total this week for Costco: $86.00

The next stop was Winco:

The typically fruits and veggies. I'm kicking myself a lot. I was in a hurry and tired from a very long day and just grabbed my purple cabbage and never looked at the price. After getting home and looking at my receipt I realized I paid a whooping $2.89 a pound for it for a total of $4.28.  That is ridiculous and I would not have bought it if I'd seen it.  It's a reminder to myself to always check prices!  Not sure why so many winter veggies are so expensive this year. Even the kale is high priced. 

I also picked up eggs, half & half, cream cheese and cookies. What would life be without cookies..  ;) :D 

Total for Winco this week: $32.00

Grand Total for this weeks groceries:


Now for the updated weekly average over the last 2 months:

I've been shopping 9 times this year and my weekly average is:



That's all for this weeks Grocery Haul for Two!

Crystal :)


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