Grocery Haul for Two


Happy Friday friends! This week's haul will be a quick one. I only needed to go to Winco. I still had a good supply of food in the house. I was lacking in fresh fruit and veggies and a little dairy.

Here's what I purchased from Winco:

The fruit and veggies. We're finishing up the box of oranges I got a few weeks ago so I only picked up apples and bananas. I had cabbage, peppers, carrots and a few mushrooms still in the fridge so I picked up a bag of lettuce mix and tomatoes for salads. 

I also picked up some sunflower seeds (not sure why the call them nuts?), and craisins. I wanted these for salad add ins. I put them into canning jars to store in my pantry. After posting my Make Your Salad Kit earlier this week I wanted to start adding in more simple things to our salads. 

I needed milk and eggs. The half & half was still on sale with a date at the beginning of March so I picked up another one of those. Olives were on sale so I bought 2 more cans. I've been using olives on our salads as well. 

The other item I picked up was my Himalayan Pink Salt. I love that Winco carries this in their bulk section. It's $1.22 a pound. I have a hard time finding it locally and use to buy it online paying arond $2.85 per pound. Pink salt is much healthier for you than other types of salt so it's my preferred choice.

I picked up one non food item, Hydrogen Peroxide. It was .98 and I paid .08 in sales tax for it. I subtracted this from my grocery totals.

My actual total was $26.82 by the time I subtracted the above item it came to $25.76, I rounded this number up. 


My total trip this week (minus the hydrogen peroxide & tax) and grand total for the week was (rounded up):


I hope you are having success on your budget so far for this year. :)


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