Grocery Haul for Two

Good morning! It's time for the Friday grocery haul. I enjoy looking at grocery haul blogs to see what others buy and eat and the steps they take to stay within their budgets. It's great to get ideas and inspiration from them. 

Mega hauls seem to be a 'thing', but having spent most of my adult life doing mega grocery hauls, I'm actually loving my 2 person hauls and the price tag that comes with it! It's hard to find what is realistic for 2 people in the blog world. I hope this adds in a positive way to all the grocery hauls for those of us who shop and cook for two.

Now onto this week..

I was happy with this week's haul. I bypassed a few “good” deals because I really did not need them, and for the most part I find sales tend to repeat throughout the year and I'm sure the items will be on sale again :).

My first stop was Winco....

I stuck with only the basic things we needed. I was in need of fresh veggies and got spinach, kale, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and red & green cabbage. I still had oranges form the large box I got last week and picked up a few apples and bananas. 

Half & half was still on sale with a date in mid February so I picked up another one, a bottle of creamer, milk and 3 lbs of ground beef that I separated and put in the freezer.

Total for Winco: $29

The 2nd stop was Costco.. 

I picked up a large bag of mini peppers for $6.49. Winco's price was $5.49 and the bag was half the size. The reason I buy mini peppers instead of individual large peppers is they last longer and, for me, work out to be a better deal.

Once you cut into a large pepper if you don't use the whole thing it will begin to deteriorate in quality while it sits in the fridge. I have had to toss small pieces of my peppers because I didn't get it used up in time before it started going bad. With the mini peppers I can pull out only what I need for each meal. The bag of peppers can last me 2 to 3 weeks giving me plenty of time to use them up before they go bad. Less waste means better money savings.

I also bought 2 bottles of lemon juice. I use this to make lemonade that my hubby takes to work with him. I purchased ranch dress, lunch meat, sliced cheese and a box of hummus (I love hummus! :). They are in individual 2oz containers making them the perfect size. It surprises me but the price per ounce for these are the same as the large tubs of hummus (that I know we would not finish before it went bad).

The last item was a rotisserie chicken for $4.99, which I think is an awesome deal. The cost of a whole uncooked chicken can be that price. I usually get 2 meals and have the bones to make chicken broth. I feel I get lots of mileage from the purchase. 


Total for Costco: $45.00

Grand total for this 
weeks groceries: 



  1. Hi Crysfal, This may be a dumb question but what do you do with red cabbsge? It is something I have just never bought.

    1. Hi Angela! I use the red cabbage in salads mostly. I also add it to stir fried veggies and sometimes I'll pickle it and use it on sandwiches.
      Crystal :)

  2. Crystal, thank you so much for sharing your grocery hauls for 2. They are VERY helpful!

    1. Thanks Latosha! I appreciate this. :)
      Crystal :)


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