Menu Monday!

Last week's menu worked pretty well. There were a couple of minor changes. The best thing is to always be flexible! If I want to make changes I try and stick to something that is similar to what I was going to make so I can make sure to use the ingredients that were purchased for that meal and not have to buy extra items during the week. I shop once a week and make a point (more often than not) to not go back to the store in order to stay on budget.

The cilantro chicken that was on my menu was very good. I'll be sharing the recipe tomorrow.

Instead of the planned tacos I turned them into 2 huge pans of enchiladas. This would be an example of making a change to a similar meal. I used the same amount of hamburger (2lbs) that I would have used in tacos and I added a few cups of cooked rice. I mixed together the cooked hamburger and the cooked rice and filled tortillas with it and a bit of cheese. I made a batch of enchilada sauce and poured it over the top, sprinkled more cheese on it and baked it. This fed us for 3 nights.

One night my son brought home take and bake pizza, which was a great treat and meant that I did not need to make dinner that night.

Due to these changes the pulled pork is still on the menu. We are having it tonight. In fact it is in the crockpot now.

So here is what I have lined up for this week...

Pulled Pork

I don't do anything fancy to make my pulled pork. I put a pork roast (shoulder roast is the best, a pork loin roast is to dry for this recipe) in the crockpot on low. Let it cook for 12 plus hours or until it is falling apart. Then shred with a fork and add bbq sauce (until is looks right :). Serve on hoagie rolls or buns topped with coleslaw.

Creamy salsa chicken burritos w/Refried Beans

This idea came from my daughter Hannah. She made it for her family last week. The plan is to put chicken thighs or breasts into the crockpot, let them cook, add a brick of cream cheese and some salsa. Shred with a fork when it has finished cooking and serve in tortillas along with refried beans. I'll serve a salad with this.

Spagheti Sauce with Fresh Tomatoes

My tomato plants are still producing a lot of tomatoes. I'm working to use them up. This was a recipe I came up a few years ago. It is easy to make and tastes delish.. You can find the recipe: HERE  I'll serve this with a loaf of french bread and a green salad.



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