Getting Fit in the 50's

I'm still walking!! And still making a point to get out and move every day. It has been great. I feel better than ever.

My daughter Hannah and I have been getting together weekly to walk and hike in various places with the grand kids. Our goal is to get them able to walk more and more distance. Last week we walked over 3 miles.. and they did great. We had the stroller for the baby.. he has little legs that are not ready to walk that distance.

I am so in love with walking. A friend said to me... you have to find your “soul mate” exercise. The one thing that you look forward to, not feel dread about. I have to say walking is that for me.

Walking is amazing. It is free, it is easy, it does not cost anything. It is a fantastic way to take in God's creation. It is my think time, it is my prayer time, it is my sanctuary.. I walk.. any issues in life that were bothering me 3 miles ago.. no longer seem so bad. I feel energized.

When I first started I'd walk a mile and come back and feel wiped out. Now.. I walk 3 miles or more and come home and feel like I can take on the world. Moving and doing.. it is amazing. I'm ready to deal with life and take on whatever needs to be done.

If you struggle to deal with life every day.. get up and walk.. it does not have to be far, just start moving. The benefits are beyond amazing.

Here are a few pics from a recent walk with Hannah and my grand kids...



  1. What a great post! I am so encouraged to get out and move -- and find my "soul mate exercise". What good advice from your friend. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. What beautiful scenery on your walk!


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