Tomato Soup from Fresh Tomatoes

Last weekend I picked another 75#'s of tomatoes. My daughter and I have already canned up 90 jars of salsa from our previous pickings and it was time to do something else with these. I gave my daughter several pounds of fresh tomatoes and we've been eating a lot of tomatoes lately. But I still had enough to play around with.

So I decided to make some tomato soup. It was delish!! I made it for lunch a few days ago. 

When I was done making this I thought that this would be a great recipe to can.   I then made a larger batch of tomato soup base and canned it.   I'll be sharing the canning version of this recipe tomorrow.

It was not difficult to make. It did take more time than opening a can of soup.. but the end results are worth the time!! :) I started with 5#'s of tomatoes. I cut them up and pureed them in my food processor...

I don't peel my tomatoes. I find that a whole heck of a lot of work, and don't find it necessary. I puree them and cook them down and the peels have never been an issue.

I put the tomatoes on the stove to cook down. I have roma tomatoes and they are not real juicy. If you use any other type you may need to let this cook down more. It took about 45 minutes to reduce by about half.

At that point I took them off the stove and used my hand blender to get the tomatoes even smoother. Then I added baking soda, salt, sugar, butter and milk. The end result was beyond delicious!!

And of course a grilled cheese sandwich was the perfect match up for a dish of tomato soup...

The recipe...

Tomato Soup from Fresh Tomatoes

5#'s fresh tomatoes
1/8 t baking soda
2t salt
1T sugar
4T butter
2 cups milk

Cut up and puree tomatoes. You do not need to peel them. Put in a stock pot and bring to a boil, simmer for 45 minutes to an hour or until it has reduced by about half. Remove from heat. Using a stick blender (or a regular blender) blend until smooth and no clumps of tomatoes are left.

Put back on stove and heat until warm. Add baking soda (helps to reduce acid). Add salt, sugar, butter and milk. Stir and heat (do not boil) to melt butter and it is warm enough to serve. Enjoy!!



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