Homemaking Challenge for June


I realize we are more than a week into this month but I figured this challenge won’t take long. This month’s challenge is not actually “in” the home.. but an important extension to my daily for sure and often is very neglected…

The challenge for this month is… cleaning out the inside of our car and giving the car a good wash

The weather here has been nice and warm so it is a perfect time to get out and tackle this job. I know I have a very bad habit of hopping in the car, heading to town, taking care of business and then when I return my mind is on everything I need to still get done in the day and the last thing I think about is cleaning out the car from the day’s activities… so I figured it was the perfect time to clean it out, wipe it down, clean windows and mirrors, vacuum and then give it a nice wash down.

So how about you? Time for some car clean up and love?

We Can Do This Girls!!



  1. Yes, definitely time! For some reason this is one of my least favorite jobs so it's easy to let it slide....and slide and slide!

  2. Just completed this for my van. Lots of dirt, straw, crumbs and misc. items stuffed under seats! I'm glad for this little push to get it done. We finally found the missing mittens from this last winter!
    Have fun!


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