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Please excuse a bit of disorganization while I make some changes to my blog!  My blog has been in need of an update for some time now. Hopefully the changes will make it easier for my readers.

I’ve added a few extra pages to my blog. The “About Me” , “Recipe” & “Family” pages are what I’ve accomplished thus far. My desire with the “Recipe” page will be a place that lists all of the recipes that are here on my blog. This is a BIG job as I have been blogging for about 9 years! :) But many of my older recipes (that I still use) can be found on my website The Family Homestead. I will continue to add recipes to this blogs “Recipe” page. I realize also a little more organization is in order on that page… one step at a time.. It’ll be under construction for bit…

There is also now a little tiny Pinterest button at the bottom of each post. Some ladies have written and asked about that, it is now there to share.

Also for printing.. if you want to print a page of my blog, simply click on the blog title and at the bottom of the post you will see a print button (two actually, not sure how that happened.. something else to work on ;) .. that should make it easy to print out recipes and such.

Thanks so much for your



  1. Love love love reading your blog, BUT!! it's patience, NOT patients! (people in hospital). :)

    1. Ha, ha!! Thank you!! .. I'm not always my best editor! :D ..


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