Wednesday Snap Shot

Wednesday Snap Shot is a quick peek into my week.

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So Far This Week
This week seems to be flying by. Not sure why some weeks are like that and others just drag. I've been busy around the home and it's been a quiet week.

Does anyone really like the time change? I'm trying to figure out why we still do this. I am a fan daylight savings time over standard time, I would like it if they just left it on daylight savings time. But, either way, I wish we could just leave the clocks in one place and stop messing around with them :). It takes a week to readjust to the new time, and now of course it's getting dark way to early for me.

What do you prefer? Daylight savings time or standard time?

My oldest son came for the weekend for a visit. It was a nice time. He said he just needed a break from the city. I'm thankful my kids can come home to a warm and familiar place that holds a special place in their hearts when they need a break from day to day life.

Yesterday was a long day of grocery shopping and the groceries are in the house and that is always a good feeling. I also had an eye appointment. It was my yearly eye check up. Even though I'm dealing with other vision issues I needed to see if there were any changes in my vision. And there were, so they have to up my prescription.

On My To-Do List
I have a few household chores to take care of today..

~mop kitchen floor

And I plan to take an indoor walk after I get this post out. 

Projects I'm Working On
I am planning on making more soap today. I had it on my to-do list last week and it never happened. I do have all my previous batches cut up. I put them in a basket in the bathroom.

My hubby saw it and said, “That's a lot of soap!!”. Ha, ha.. for someone who use to make 25lbs or more at a time, it does not seem like it to me. I told him that most of it will be given away for gifts this Christmas.

Today's Weather
Oh my but it's really getting cold and windy! The trees are really loosing all their leaves and it's starting to feel more like winter then fall. We had a dusting of snow on the hills across the river from us a couple of times.

Today's High 43 Low 41

We have rain coming in today and that will help keep the temps at night in low 40's.. its been in the mid to upper 30's this last week.

The View from my Deck (or window)
You can see just a faint hint of snow on the top of the hills... 

What I'm Reading
I finished reading the Old Testament this week. I started a year ago with the thought of reading the Bible in one year. I've done this many times but I've taken it at a slower pace, which is OK with me. So, now it's on to the New Testament.

I finished Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of the Four. And in the spirit of the holiday and my desire to read classics, I've started reading Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol.

What I'm Listening To
My hubby is in the basement working on a project and I hear him humming.. :) I also hear my cats scampering about on the back porch, they are waiting for me to come and feed them. My dishwasher is beeping letting me know the load that I started this morning is done.

Something Frugal I've Done This Week
When the weather starts to get cold, as it's done this week, our old farm house gets drafty and hard to heat up. Years ago my hubby solved this problem in a very frugal way. He made plastic windows that can be reused from year to year. He made the frames from 1x2 stock and purchased 3M window plastic. He attached the plastic to the his frames and used a blow dryer to tighten the plastic up. He puts the frames over the windows. This way we have not had to buy the 3M plastic each year. These windows can be used over and over.

He puts strips of foam insulation tape on the side that goes against the window to insure a tight seal..

He screws in the frames to the windows...

and the plastic is clear and tight so it does not obstruct the view..

The difference this makes in keeping the heat in the house is literally HUGE.. It turns a drafty cool house into a warm and cozy home. Because we heat with wood we save tons of labor and time spent collecting, cutting, and splitting wood, bringing fire wood into the house, as well as building and maintaining fires and cleaning out ash.

Fitness and Health for the Week
The best part of this week is that I'm now back to walking. I'm not able to comfortably walk outside (due to vision issues), but I am walking with Leslie Sansone again (both videos and her YouTube channel) and it feels so good. It feels even better to finally have the energy and motivation to do this again. I've reset my goal to 7000 steps for starters. I had one day that I did make 10,000 steps. I started out easy and quickly realized that I was able to do a 3 mile walk without a problem. I guess I have not lost too much with my long break.

That is all for this week!


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