Friday, November 10, 2017

Instant Pot Stuffing

This week in Friday in the Kitchen I'll show you how to make super moist and simple stuffing in the Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Stuffing

Last week I made a turkey breast in my Instant Pot (IP) and then made stuffing to go with it. A little pre - Thanksgiving dinner for us. Instant Pot stuffing is easy to make and is so moist. If you have an IP, this might be handy in your dinner meal preparations. 

I started by chopping up a small onion and about half of a red pepper. I usually also add celery, but did not have any. 

I then put my package of stuffing cubes (I believe it was about 14oz in size) in a bowl and sprinkled the seasoning packet on it and added about a teaspoon of salt.

In a frying pan I melted 6T of butter and sauteed the onions and peppers until they were soft and added this to the stuffing cubes...

The turkey breast I bought had a gravy packet with it so I poured this into my measuring cup and added water until I had 2 cups. If you don't have a gravy packet you can use chicken stock or just water.

I put 2 eggs in with the stuffing and poured the liquid in it and stirred it up..

In my IP I put 1 ½ cups of water and then put a steamer basket into the pot.

I spooned the stuffing on top of the steamer basket...

I put the lid on, set the know to “Sealing” and hit “Manual” and adjusted the time for 7 minutes...

When the time was up, I did a quick release of the pressure. I had a delicious bowl of perfectly cooked, moist stuffing.. 


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