Menu Monday!

The format for this week's Menu Monday is a bit different. If this works for me I may keep this format for a while.

As my kids seem to, more and more, have busy lives of their own I find it very difficult to plan certain meals for certain nights. I've always done it that way in the past and it worked great under the circumstances. But things are achangin'

I'll plan a meal, make the meal only to discover they have other plans and we end up eating the meal for the next 2 or even 3 nights. Which is great, less cooking for me. But, sitting in my freezer and pantry are the ingredients I purchased for meals that won't get made. I try and get them made in the following week.. sometimes this works and sometimes, once again, circumstances come up and they still don't get made.

I was looking for something in my freezer over the weekend and took note of the supplies (mainly meat) that I have on hand. And I have a pretty full pantry.

Here is what I had in the freezer:

5#'s hamburger patties
6#'s chicken drumsticks
3#'s chicken thigh fillets
5#'s hamburger
Over half a bag of fish sticks
5# pork roast
Lots of frozen veggies
1 large bag of hogie rolls
1 loaf french bread
2 large loaves of bread
Mozzarella cheese

And misc things like orange juice, ice, tater tots, hash browns, etc..

And my pantry:

Several cans of cooked beans
lots of tuna fish
tomatoes: diced, sauce, paste
pasta of all sorts
spaghetti sauce

And misc things like: condiments, granola, crackers, canned fruit, etc..

I also have a garden full of tomatoes and squash..

So in light of this my plan for the week is to come up with 3 meals using what I have on hand and cooking the meals as it works through the week rather than assigning certain meals to certain days.

For now I know that we will be having leftover pork chops, macaroni salad, green salad and watermelon for dinner tonight. I made this meal on Sunday with the intention of having leftovers for Monday.

The rest of week here is what I'm planning...

Italian Chicken Pepperoni Casserole

Using my chicken thigh fillets, pepperoni (have that in the fridge), spaghetti sauce. I'll make this by putting a layer of the chicken in a large baking pan, topping it with pepperoni slices, covering it with spaghetti sauce and sprinkling mozzarella cheese over the top and baking it. I'll share this in more detail if it turns out good! ~smile~ With that I'll serve either pasta or french bread and a salad

Meatloaf Pie

I'll be making my standard meatloaf recipe but patting it thinner in a large baking dish. I'll top it with chopped fresh tomatoes and cut up summer squash. Top it with mozzarella cheese and bake it. I'll serve this with rice and a salad.

Crystals Crockpot Beans

You can find this recipe HERE. I'll serve this with either cornbread or biscuits and fresh summer fruit.

If for some reason I need another meal this week, there is always hamburger patties or fish sticks to make a quick meal!

The good side to this plan is that it will make for an easy grocery shopping week as all I'll really need is fresh fruit and lettuce, dairy, eggs, and few misc things (non food related such as laundry detergent and cat food).


  1. Crystal I would love to see the Meatloaf Pie if you could share a picture of how you do this? Don't the vegetables get greasy from the meatloaf? Thank you for sharing. As a mother of 6 I used a many of your recipes through the years.

    1. I'd be happy to share it! I'm trying something new.. so we'll see how it turns out! I'll let you know.. :)

  2. Thank you Crystal I hope it turned out good for your family. Looking forward to the recipe.


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