She Did It!!!

On Monday night my daughter Sierra graduated from dental assisting school.  It was an intense 13 week program.  She put in her school hours, extra lab time, 50 hours of externship at a local dentist office and continued to work her job in the deli at a grocery store in the city.   Her dad and I are extremely proud of her hard work, dedication and tenacity!  She passed the course, both a written exam and clinical exam, with flying colors.   She now has her testing for the state of Washington scheduled in October and will be job searching.  She will also be scheduling her test for the state of Oregon as well so her job possibilities will be greater. 
This is a pic of her graduating class and her teacher taken on Monday.  Sierra is on the far right, at the end of the second row...
And Sierra with her teacher and the dentist she worked with at the school...


  1. Your daughter is beautiful. You must be very proud of her.

    Debbi (from Vancouver)

    1. Thank you Debbi!! Yes.. we are very proud of her! It was a long summer for sure for her! :)

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! Wishing her well on her upcoming tests.
    PS: A good dental assistant is worth their weight in gold:)

  3. Way to go! From homeschool student to career ready!


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