Homemaking Challenge for January!!

Procrastination is something I’ve battled forever it seems. I’ve found that as long as the day to day wheels are turning and the plates are spinning I’m fine. Meals on the table, laundry done and tucked neatly away where it belongs, the house is picked up, school work handled, etc. then those pesky “other” chores can wait another day, week, month…. But I feel a sense of weight knowing that there are things in my home that need my attention. So this year I’ve decided to try and tackle one job a month and see it through to completion. Even if I only work 30 minutes a day (or week, as my schedule allows) on the task, I know beyond a doubt that I can do, I need the focus and discipline to get it done. As one of my motivational tools this year I decided to share my monthly tasks with you, show you how I’m getting the job done and the completed task. My desire is to not only to motivate myself in the right direction but to hopefully be a motivation to you as well, especially if you are like me and find procrastination all too easy.

So this month’s task for me is: Cleaning Out & Organizing Storage Areas

January rolls in and the festivities of the past couple of months are behind me and I feel need to clean out “stuff”. January just seems like the perfect month for this.  The winter weather keeps me inside more than outside making it a great use of my time.  My storage area is in my basement. I’ve talked about this before and shared pics as each year this seems to a task that needs to be done. I get it all cleaned up but through the year items get added, things get tossed on top of the organizing totes, kids don’t put things back where they belong and there the items sit until I get ready to go in and deal with. I also take advantage of this time to get rid of things that have not been used, that I don’t think I’ll use again or have lived out there purposeful life span.
Here is my before pictures:

Yep, it’s a mess! And here is my plan of attack…
~Start with 3 boxes (as I look at my storage area I’m certain I will eventually need more than 3 boxes but my sister in law taught me the “3 box” method and so that is how I start). One box is for items I want to keep. The second box is for items I want to give away. The third box is the “I don’t know” box. I think one of the hardest aspects of cleaning out storage areas is making decisions on what to do with our things. Sometimes it’s obvious and you know for certain that you want to keep it, or get rid of it. But sometimes you come across items that require you to stop and think about them. Maybe it has sentimental value, maybe you feel you “might” want to use it again, maybe you think you know someone who could use it but would need to ask first. So the “I don’t know” box allows you to not get bogged down in the cleanup/organizing process by feeling you have to make an immediate decision on an item. It can be set in the box and a decision made after you have thought about it.

~Now it is time to tackle one section at a time. It’s only overwhelming when you look at the big picture and feel it all needs to be done now. I will just focus on one area. Make decisions, box items, then clean the area off (wipe down, dust, etc) and then reorganize that area.

My next post on this topic I intend to show you pics of the process as I move through to the end of this goal.

If you have a storage area (or closet) you have been putting off cleaning out and organizing then I hope you will work alongside me this month to tackle this job!

We Can Do This Girls!!



  1. My storage room needs a little work, but my basement almost feels beyond hope. I like what you said about just doing a small section at a time. I was going to start work on our basement today. Now you have renewed my commitment. I'd like to see it cleaned and fixed up for our children to be able to play in it.

  2. I am already for this plan too!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I need to start with my mudroom which we are hoping to convert this to a laundry/mudroom/office so it needs to be cleaned out decluttered and reorganized to the fullest.

    Good luck to you!!

  3. I'm excited about the Homemaking Challenges. 2013- I just lost all control over my house. My storage areas are in the basement and in a cubby hole off of the master bedroom. THERE is A LOT to organize, and it really is overwhelming. This challenge adds a tiny bit of FUN to it.

    Ila from http://www.hehasms.com

  4. I am excited about your Homemaking Challenges! I don't have a storage area in the house, I have a shed outside but it's too cold to mess with it so I am choosing another area. We live in a 900sq ft home, there are six of us and my room is the catch all for anything that doesn't have a place of its own. So, I am starting in my room. It is very overwhelming to me, so I will do one section at a time and I'll try to also post pictures on my blog as I go. Thank you for the encouragement.

  5. We just moved at the end of August and the basement is still stacked with boxes. I have grand plans of getting my sewing area set up and a game room for the kids before spring. This will most certainly motivate me and make it a little more "fun". I might even complete it before the thaw comes around and I get busy in the garden... ha :)
    I look forward to your posts!
    Thank you!

  6. Challenges sound good to me. January is when I deep clean... sort, purge, the whole bit. Your posts will keep me motivated.

  7. I'm so happy to have you all join in with me!! :)

  8. I'll take that challenge! I can't wait to see your progress. Hopefully it will inspire me to do the same😃 I suppose I will start with Christmas decorations and closets (my only indoor storage). Good luck!

  9. I think this is a great "kick-off" to the challenges! I'll join in, too ;)

  10. The 3 box idea is exactly what my mother has been saying to do for the garage. Hopefully we'll work on that this summer. As for my "homemaking new years resolution challenge", I'm also working on DE-CLUTTERING!! Eek. My before and after pictures of a drawer were posted not long ago. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your progresses.


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