Homemaking Challenge for January: Update #2


I’m so thrilled with my progress.. It’s taken a bit of time but I’m just about done. My youngest son Isaac has been a great help to me in the whole process.

So for a little recap (you can see all the before pics on the 1st blog post and my progress up to this point on the 2nd post)

When I finished last time I had cleared off this area….

And was ready to tackle this area…

I began by moving items that were laying on the floor and in my way to the other side of the room. Then I took each of the storage totes, one by one, and went through them. I found items I no longer needed and those went into my “give” boxes, I found items that I had to question myself as to why I still had them and those were tossed (no more purposeful life left in them or the items were broken, etc..), and a few items I needed to think about and they went into the “I don’t know” box until I had gone through all totes and could go back and make a decision on them.

When it was all done I had been able to empty out a couple of totes which gave me more space to store items that had previously been sitting on the floor and in the way. The finished picture…
And I did use the area to left (in the above pic) for storage of items as well...

It felt so good to see it all cleaned up and organized I just kind of wanted to sit there in the basement for a bit and take it all it! Ha, ha!!

When all was said and done here is what I had left to give away…

Now I have just one area left to go through. It is the shelves I store soap and other soap making supplies on.
How is your storage area clean & organize project going?

We Can Do This Girls!!



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  2. Hi Crystal, I seem to be having trouble commenting via my phone and accidentally deleted my comment - I tried to reply, but I think it deletes the replies too - in a nutshell, the post was just to say thanks for your great blog and I really like it!! :)

  3. Slowly, slowly I'm getting our basement play area to the point where it could actually be played in. I need to buy a couple of more lights because I know my children won't want to play down there no matter how clean if it feels darkish.

  4. Doesn't it feel great to get it done and see the progress?! Life really is all about the little things, even in the cleaning department. Finally bought a mop this week to use to do the floors instead of the old hands and knees method.


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