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Over the years I’ve loved the idea of journaling. However I’ve not done a lot of it. For several years when my kids were young I would do a daily journal. I do treasure those journals. I’ve had my kids do a few types of journals such as journals for school topics, holiday journals. But not nearly enough in my opinion. Journaling is wonderful way to capture thoughts, pictures, times in life. Sometimes knowing what and how to journal is the biggest obstacle to making journaling part of everyday life.

One day I was visiting various blogs. I was looking at recipes, homemaking tips, etc… and somehow through the wonder of links I ended up on this blog:  A Natural Nester. I loved this nice lady's blog right away. Beautiful pictures, gardens, recipes and much more.

Then I saw she was offering an ecourse for fall journaling called “A Sense of Place: Fall”. Being a mom I immediately thought of my daughter, Sierra. I looked over the course and was so excited. My daughter loves nature, writing, drawing, photography. This seemed like a perfect fit for her. I showed her the course information and she was ready to jump in. I signed her up for the course. She is super excited to start. I’m also considering joining in with her to do this together. I think it would be a lot fun. 

The ecoures is 6 weeks. And each week you get email directions and prompts, and a sense of what to journal about. Here is the course outline from A Natural Nesters website:

Course Outline

Week 1: Discovery ~ Connecting to Your Environment & Self
What is a Nature Journal ~ Why Keep a Nature Journal ~ Nature Journaling Basics

Week 2: Observation ~ Seeing through the Eyes of a Naturalist
Coming to Your Senses ~ Making Connections ~ Developing a Sense of Place

Week 3: Recording with Words ~ Writing Your Truth
Losing Your Mind ~ Finding Your Voice ~ Using Prose & Poetry

Week 4: Recording with Pictures ~ Capturing Your View
Opening Your Eyes ~ Honing Your Focus ~ Using Drawings & Images

Week 5: Creativity ~ It's Totally Personal!
Thinking Outside of the Lines ~ Making it Your Own ~ Journaling with Children

Week 6: Mindfulness ~ Nurturing a Sense of Place
Being in the Moment ~ Practicing Gratitude ~ Claiming "Your Place"

I think the idea of offering an ecourse in journaling is a fantastic idea! I wanted to share this in case any of you would like to participate. The cost of the course is $19.99 . I think it’s a great deal for what she is offering. The class begins on September 23rd.

If you want to check this ecourse out in more detail you can do that here: 



  1. I'm so glad you posted this. I saw this about a month ago and was undecided, but wanted to look at it closer. Of course, I forgot all about it. This reminded me and I decided to go for it. I think my dd and I will have a lot of fun with this:)

    1. I think it will a lot of fun too!! I'm looking forward to it! :)


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