Chocolate Zucchini Bread

My summer gardens always have me working overtime to figure out the best use of all the zucchini that comes my way. Even just planting 3 plants this year is giving me a challenge to work on! Actually I kind of enjoy it the challenge. Zucchini is yummy, has a variety of ways to cook it, store it, save it, etc.. something just feels good to me knowing I’ve been able to use and preserve as much of this summer bounty as possible. I never buy zucchini so it is a once a year challenge that can give lasting results all year!

I made some chocolate zucchini bread the other day. It was easy to throw together, moist and delicious and my family ate it up without complaints!!

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

2 eggs
½ cup sugar
½ cup brown sugar
1t vanilla
½ c olive oil
1 c whole wheat pastry flour (or whatever type of flour you use)
½ c baking cocoa
1t baking soda
¼ t baking powder
¼ t salt
1 t cinnamon
1 ½ cups shredded zucchini
¾ cup chocolate chips

In a mixer (Kitchen aid, Bosch, or you could easily use a hand mixer for this) combine the eggs and sugars. Add the olive oil and vanilla and blend until nice and smooth. Now add the dry ingredients: flour, cocoa, soda, powder, salt & cinnamon. Mix until blended. Add zucchini and chocolate chips.

Pour batter into a loaf pan. Bake 350 for about 1 hour. Test the bread with a fork or toothpick to make sure it cooked. Cool on a rack, remove from pan, slice and enjoy with a hot cup of tea!



  1. That, looks really good. Do you think I could thaw frozen shredded zucchini and squeeze it well to dry or would I have to use fresh?

    1. I would think so.. I don't think I'd squeeze it dry.. the moisture is there to begin with.. freezing only separates it. The moisture makes this bread almost brownie like..

    2. Thanks! We are going to try this tonight.

  2. Will have to try! I just made banana muffins and threw some zucchini in for added moisture and extra nutrients. They turned out nicely

  3. Thank you Crystal for giving me that information about the msg. board. We are on facebook under BobandNancy Davis and I clicked join. Is that all I have to do? I would also like to join Shellys if it gets up and running so that I can. Although I had never joined your board I so enjoyed reading the msg board about how others do their homemaking. Thank you for all those years of enjoyment. Nancy

  4. This is wonderful! I made two loaves yesterday. Hubby took one to work and one for here. I am on a strict diet for medical reasons and really shouldn't eat it, but I did have one The real test was my non zucchini eating daughter. She helped me make it and then when she tried it...she loved it. She asked me if next time we could add white chocolate chips and I said

  5. Hi Crystal,

    I'm wondering, do I need to grease the pan, or is the mixture fine without it?


    1. Shani.. yes.. you need to grease the pan.. thanks for pointing this out, I'll edit the recipe to add this.. :) Crystal :)

  6. This looks so good!
    I am about to plant my zucchini plants and am looking for good recipes.
    I saw your recipe for zucchini pickles but the measurements were in cups and I am not sure how to measure zucchini in cups. Do you have a rough weight measurement please Crystal?

  7. Thanks for sharing.
    It must be delicious.
    I want to try to do it if I have time.

  8. I made this and it is delicious!! Best use for zuchini I ever tasted. YUM!!!


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