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I’ve made a few trips to the Midwest. My hubby was raised in Chicago and we would go and visit family. One thing I vividly remember from my trips is summer thunder storms. The humidity levels would soar, the clouds would come and it was quite a display of thunder, lighting & rain. Then it would end almost as quickly as it began. This was something I did not see often here in the Northwest. We have our rain, and plenty of it, but summers are usually dry and the rain is saved for the rest of the year.

On Friday the humidity levels were higher than what is usual for the PNW and the prediction was for a thunderstorm. Early in the evening the storm began. It was quite an awesome site. As the sun was setting in the west the storm was rumbling and rolling in from the east. We could hear the thunder boom but what made this storm so beautiful was how it made the sky look. With the sun setting and casting it lights against the incoming storm the colors that appeared were breathtaking. The sky showed colors of red, pink, purple, blue, yellow.. quite a site to see.

Sierra grabbed her camera and took a few pics. There were 2 rainbows as well, unfortunately one did not show up on the picture (it was very faint in the sky). The storm did bring lightning and some rain, not a whole lot, but enough to wash away the humidity and give my garden a nice watering.. Here were the pics she snapped..




  1. I love thunderstorms! I was sad we didn't get the storm here(Sequim). Great pictures.

  2. It was amazing--we saw the rainbow, beautiful sky that evening too!


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