Saturday on the Homestead


Today was a very nice day at home. I did some housekeeping and spent some time sewing with Leanne. She has not shown a lot of interest in sewing in the past so I did not push it. Then she had something she wanted to make and so we did today. Now she is eager to finish a couple other projects and learn more.


The house was nice and quiet.. the boys were at their friends house and Sierra was busy with her blogs and updating her ipod and I was assisting in the sewing and getting dinner on, and on top of that the weather was sunny and beautiful.. it was a pleasant afternoon.


Dinner was very easy. I had leftover spaghetti sauce and noodles and made that into a spaghetti casserole. And had salad left from last night.. so I had dinner on the table pretty quick!  I will post the recipe tomorrow. It was delicious and a great use of my leftovers.


With my housework pretty much caught up on I now need to move onto soap making. I think maybe tomorrow I will measure out the oils and get my molds set up and maybe make soap on Monday. 


Emily should hopefully becoming home on Monday as well (I definitely miss her!), but that won’t be till later in the day.. if she gets on both her flights without problems. The only one that could be tricky is leaving out of Seattle for home.. very busy usually (we fly standby so have to wait for an open seat). But we could drive there and get her if we had to.  


Thats all for Saturday on the Homestead.. oh yes... Don’t forget to move your clocks forward tonight! 


  1. Hey, I am just being nosey. I was wondering what airline your husband works for? (seems like I have seen somewhere that you said he is an airplane mechanic.) Anywho, my dad is an airplane mechanic for American Eagle, and has been for nearly my whole life. He sometimes goes up to inspector, but after a few years gets bored and goes back to mechanic-ing.


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