Happy Birthday Isaac!!


Yesterday my baby turned 10!! As with all my children’s birthdays I always ask the same question.. Where did the time go!? And Who said he could get older!?  But they do grow up.



He had a very nice birthday. Grandpa came and brought pizza, which has been our little family tradition for many years now. Isaac’s friend Andy came and even Hannah was able to stop by and wish him happy birthday. 




Here a few more pics..


My girls made him Dirt Pudding.. I got the idea and recipe from one of the ladies on my message board and it was a big hit (thanks Ann )! They put gummy worms in the pudding. Definitely a boy thing! LOL… They also made him cupcakes because we were not sure how candles would stay in the pudding.. 





He got a new bow and some arrows from us and loved that. Went outside to test it out even though it was raining. 




Hard to believe 10 years has gone by so quickly!! 


  1. What a handsome young guy!!!! I love the dirt pudding idea with gummy worms. LOL We have made it in a flower pot before and then topped it with a fake plastic bunch of flowers for a girly thing too!!!! YUMMY!

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like he had a great day with pizza and arrows and goodies to eat.

  3. Happy Birthday Isaac!!! Looks like he had a great day.


  4. Crystal,

    Happy Birthday to Isaac. Love the pictures. What a cute boy he is and is loved by his family.

    Hugs to you my friend,


  5. Boo Hoo! Crying those "baby growing up" tears with you, Crystal. He is looking so grown up. It sounds like you all had a great day. Jennie

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to Isaac!

    Looks like he had a very special day!



  7. Happy belated birthday to Isaac!! It looks like he had a wonderful day. I'm honored that you used our birthday dirt pudding idea. It was a big hit for Tommy's birthday too! I'm thinking it will be his new tradition.


  8. Happy Birthday!!!! What a nice party he had! I like the dirt recipe too. What a happy family you have, Crystal! God Bless!~Jessica

  9. Wow, time does fly doesn't it. I can't believe my baby turned 18 in October. Looks like he had a great day.


  10. I hope he had a happy birthday :)

  11. The pictures we're fun! I just love the Dirt Pudding idea. What do you use as the "dirt"?



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