Cleaning and Maintaining your Cast Iron Frying Pan


Seasoning a cast iron frying pan is on going process.  I bought my first cast iron frying pan a couple of years ago and just love them.  Here is how I keep mine clean:


I used the frying pan to cook up some veggies and then I cooked up some hamburger after that to use in spaghetti sauce



When I was done using the pan I poured water into it and let it come to a boil




Then I used my little scrub brush to loosed up and remove all the food bits that were left on the pan



Then I poured the water out and rinsed the pan




I used a scrubbie pad to remove all food



I put the pan back on the stove to let the water evaporate and let the pan heat up.  The heat is what kills the germs



When the pan was hot I used coconut oil to reseason the pan.  I don’t use Crisco.  Crisco is hydrogenated oil and I don’t use it for cooking or anything else but maybe soap making occasionally



I put the small scoop of oil in the pan and let it melt




I then took a napkin and swished the oil around in the pan



I let this heat up a little more, just until I see it smoke a little bit



And the pan is done and ready to be stored.  I store them in my oven. 


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I didn't realize you had to season it every time you put it away. I don't currently own and cast iron, but I want some soooo bad. Can you tell me where you bought your pan???

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  2. THAT's what i've been doing wrong. i don't season my pan each time i use it! thanks for the tip, i'll do it from now on!

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  3. I've also read some who's pan is so well seasoned they just rinse it and wipe it out - no food sticks and no scrubbing. I can't quite come to terms with that - so I do scrub it. :0) when well seasoned they turn a deep black. :0)

  4. What else could you use to season your pan? If you don't have any coconut oil? I don't keep Crisco in the house either. And do you use soap to clean it, or just hot water, like a baking stone?

  5. Thankyou for this.I didnt know I needed to reseason every time either.I have one I bought at a yard sale last year that I need to season real well.



  6. I'm so glad you did this, I've been seasoning mine with olive oil, but I think I'll switch to coconut oil. Great blog!

  7. I love my cast iron skillet and griddle, but I always season mine with bacon greese. My mom always seasoned hers that way too. Maybe not organic, but It works well.


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