Tuesday on the Homestead


I have been up for some time now and have sent my hubby off to work with a nice big lunch and a kiss, gotten my Bible reading and quiet time in, worked on sew a few aprons for a friend, posted my article on the Front Porch, and now will do a bit of blogging before heading off on my day.


The day ahead is looking pretty busy.  I have to go into town for animal feed and people feed   (aka groceries!).  I have a few other errands to run so it looks like it will be a big slice of my day! 


Hannah, Emily and I will go and Leanne will stay home with the younger kiddo’s and do a bit of house work.  I got a lot of house work done yesterday so today is just laundry and the basics.


Dinner tonight will be either something with leftover ham or grilled something....  still have to decide which would be easier for a long busy day.  


That's a quick summary of my Tuesday on the Homestead!


  1. Have a wonderful day Crystal.


  2. Wow, Crystal, you have been so busy lately!!!

  3. Crystal,

    I hope your day was good and your shopping went well. Just a little note to say "hi".

    Take care my friend and love to you all,



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