I have been making lemonade lately a lot.  I am doing really in a simple way.  I don’t like to buy the frozen lemonade because it has so much sugar and fructose in it and probably “natural flavors” (another name for MSG, which I try my best to avoid).  So I have been using lemon juice.  The kind you buy at the store.  The recipe on the bottle says 1 cup lemon juice and 1 cup sugar to two quarts of water.  I made it this way but thought it was way to sweet.  We like beverages that are not overly sweet so what I do now may not be sweet enough for some!  To make one gallon I use 1 cup lemon juice and ¾ cup sweetener (this can be cane juice crystals or sugar.. whatever it is that you usually use to sweeten things).  My kids don’t think that is sweet enough (a sign to me that it is plenty sweet..   ).  But if you like it a little sweeter you can mess around with the orginal proportions similar to what I did and see what tastes the best. 


Enjoy and stay cool!! 


  1. Just last night was wanting something to drink besides water (we don't buy pop) - had not thought about lemonade.

    Will fix some this afternoon. Sounds so good!


  2. I am so pleased you posted your recipe for Lemonade and I will either make some this evening otherwise tomorrow. Such a wonderful and healthy drink especially for this hot weather.



  3. We love our lemonade, and we have been blessed with a lemon tree in our back yard. It is not producing as well this year, so thankyou for the alternative!!


  4. We love our "lemonade" too. We don't dig sweet either. We make lemon water with the lemon slices in it and add frozen strawberries instead of ice cubes once in a while for variety. :)

  5. This is how I make mine also!! We love it!



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