Friday on the Homestead

Whew… all I can say is..  HOT!!  Right now the thermometer in my back yard says 102 degrees!  I guess the heat wave finally made it here...  That is pretty hot for these parts!  I laid down and took a nap and let the fan blow on me.. the kids headed to the pond.  Tobin and I will go cool off in the pond in a bit. 


I was going to make soap.. but it is so hot right now that I don’t have the motivation to do much of anything.  I may be making soap at 2 am when it is somewhat cool.. LOL..


Let see other than that Friday on my homestead has been mellow.  Jacob and Isaac had a friend over last night and they stayed up until the wee hours of the morning so I never even saw them until about 10:AM.  Emily and Leanne had a cleaning job to do so they were out of the house by 8:AM.  Tobin got up early to gather wood from our property in the coolness.  So the house was pretty quiet. 


I am not cooking today.  Thankfully we have plenty of chicken pasta salad leftover from last night and we can eat sandwiches.   Tomorrow I think we will grill something outside or I will put the crockpot outside.


Tonight the older girls are going to a friend’s house to play some board games and have pizza.  So that will leave me, Tobin and the 3 younger ones at home.. should be nice and quiet with the teenagers gone!  J


Well it is almost time to head to the pond and cool off…  



  1. Your weather systems tend to come to us, so according to the weatherman, the triple digits are coming our way too. Ugh. Time for the pool and the basement. Blessings to you...........................Denise (prairiemom)

  2. Hello Crystal! :) I read about you on Tara's blog when she mentioned making homemade laundry detergent. I had to come take a peek. Just by reading a little, I have found that we have some things in common. I have been making handmade soap for almost four years now. (October will be four years) I love making soap! I just realized that you live in Washington. How *wonderful* it must be to live near Bramble Berry!! Save on all that shipping cost. :) I have added you to my friend's list and will come back tomorrow and read some more of your blog. I have a question for you, too. Being that the grocery stores and Lowes and Home Depot have all stopped selling lye, where do you buy yours? I just used the last of my lye and am in need of more before I begin a soap-making spree that I am going to go on here soon.

    Have a wonnnnderful Sunday, Crystal! :) Warmly, Robin


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