Great Time Together!!

Good Morning!

I just wanted to post on yesterday’s picnic with Dalyn and Tara and their children..  it was wonderful!!  None of us wanted to part and we made plans to do this again (It was so easy to do, why did it take so long?.. ).


The children had a great time and wanted to meet together monthly!  


Dalyn and Tara..  Thank you for such a wonderful and fun afternoon!  I can’t wait till September…  


Here are a few pics to post from yesterday… 


Here are all the kids (and what a great group they were!)… 


Here is Tara, Dalyn, me  (from left to right)


I know my girls took several pics of the all the kids playing and will be posting them on their blog when the get a chance. 


  1. Crystal,

    I was thinking of you all yesterday and wishing I could be there. Sounds like your day was fun and wonderful!!!

    I just love the pictures you posted....all of the children are adorable. You, Tara and Dalyn are beautiful also.

    Love and blessings to you all today my friend.


  2. Hi Crystal. I'm a friend of Dalyn's and wanted to purchase some of your shampoo bars. But I read an article you wrote about how you used your soap. I was wondering whether you personally preferred the results of the soap over the shampoo bars. If so, what kind of soap would you recommend???

    Thanks a bunch,

    Jessica :)

  3. I'm so glad you ladies had a great time.



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